keith_l_scott_no_charges Crime

No Charges Will Be Filed Against Cop Who Killed Keith Lamont Scott

"I know some are going to be frustrated"
keith_scott_charlotte_shooting_video Crime

Watch: Footage From the Charlotte Police Shooting of Keith L. Scott

Scott's wife screams that he doesn't have a gun and that he suffers from a brain injury
killer_mike_panel_speech News

Killer Mike: Black People “Ain’t Ready to Revolt Shit”

He was also honored by the city of Atlanta naming a massive drill, "Driller Mike"
tulsa_shooting_betty_charge_manslaughter Crime

Officer Who Killed Terence Crutcher Is Charged With First-Degree Manslaughter

If convicted, Shelby faces a minimum of four years in prison
wells feature Bump That

Well$ “Savoir-Faire”

Charlotte rapper Well$' and his nana got style. Peep the Jordans!
Ry of Forever FC Bump That

High I’m Ry – “High I’m Ry”

Forever FC's High I'm Ry releases his debut mixtape with production from Joey Fatts, FLEXXX God, Klass D, and more.