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“The Simpsons” to Crossover With… “The Simpsons”

Old School vx New School
Weirdest Episodes of The Simpsons TV

The Weirdest Episodes of “The Simpsons” Ever

In honor of FXX's marathon, we've compiled a guide to the trippiest episodes to catch.
Hipster Rogers Diggin You Music Video

Hipster Rogers “Diggin You”

Hipster Rogers channels his Patrick Swayze in this amazing, almost NSFW treat.
Hipster-Rogers-3 Art

VIDEO: Hipster Rogers “Talkin’ Shit” (Lyric Video)

Earlier this week we introduced you to Hipster Rogers, an animated slacker and troublemaker who frequents the streets of Williamsb...
Hipster Rogers Cartoon Art

Hipster Rogers Goes From “WBRG2BSHWK” in Animated Video

What if the term “hipster” wasn’t a pejorative used to describe the denizens of “cool” urban enclaves like Williamsburg Brooklyn a...
80bites2 Tech/Games

SHR on Hip-Hop, Phat and Portion Control

Check out SHR talk about Hip-Hop, Phat and Portion Control right here.
epic-skate-cartoon Sports

Epic Skate Cartoon: Kleeman And Mike Backyard Skateboard Jam

Note to skaters: Beware of the pro-NRA, right wing extremist dogs  in combat boots that dwell in your neighbor’s backyard. They wi...