weed Weed

Canadians Will Be Able to Drink Their Weed in 2018

Po' up
Tupac smiling News

Dead Canadian Poet Accused Of Biting Tupac’s Rhymes

Famous poet practices the sincerest form of flattery
Sean Spicer News

Whitehouse: Hitler Didn’t Gas People

Today's edition of The Daily Blunt
vod News

Limited Edition 160 Proof Canadian Vodka Recalled

At least that's what they should have said.
police_safety_video_801 Crime

Hilarious Police Safety Video From the ’80s Will Show You How Cops See the World

What dimension is this?
marijuana dispensaries Drugs

Canadian Cops Raid Marijuana Dispensaries Despite Plans for Legalization

“Peaceful people are being harmed by this law enforcement."
recreational marijuana Drugs

Canada Is Planning to Legalize Recreational Marijuana in 2017

The grass is getting greener on the other side of the border
stolen gun News

Teen Sues Police After Being Shot With Cop’s Stolen Gun

The cop allegedly left his gun laying in the back seat of his car

A Canadian Company Is Making Marijuana-Infused Coffee Pods

These crafty Canadians have come up with a better way to wake and bake.
The Beverleys Music

The Beverleys “Hoodwink” Video

The Toronto punk trio arrive with fuzz and apathy.
Chris Brown Denied Entry Into Canada Comedy

Coincidence? Chris Brown Denied Entry Into Canada After Dissing Drake

Everyone loves a good conspiracy theory.
Charlo Greene Weed Drugs

News Anchor Promotes Weed Legalization by Quitting Live on Air

It's okay to quit your job for weed.
Inmate Jail News

Party in the Pen: Canadian Inmates Enjoy Jail With Cognac, Weed, and Selfies

Canadian jails are slacking.
too-black-guys-2014-runaway-collection Style

Too Black Guys Fall/Winter 2014 “Runaway” Collection

Black don't crack.
Arcteryx-Veilance-2014-feature Style

Arc’teryx Veilance Fall/Winter 2014 Collection

Functionality, Practicality, Simplicity, Innovation.
Caribou Our Love Music

Caribou “Our Love”

We love it.