TrumpBeating News

Watch Trump Supporter Beat Protester With “Make American Great Again” Sign

“I hit him five times with the flag over his head”
Watch the new video for Mozzy's "Scorin" featuring Lex Aura, Lil Blood, and Slim 400 Music Video

PREMIERE: Mozzy Plays the Corner Correspondent in His “Scorin” Video

"We don't keep score, we keep scoring."
Kendrick Lamar Mass Appeal Issue 56 Teaser Music

Kendrick Lamar Beats His Chest On Surprise Single “The Heart Part 4″

"I Am The Great-Est Rap-Per A-Live"
Watch "A Velvet Portrait," the new short film for Terrace Martin by Aplusfilmz Film

‘A Velvet Portrait’ Captures the Downward Spiral of a Failed Relationship

Terrace Martin + Aplusfilmz
Phil America's border art flag installation Art

Phil America Flies Immigrant Flags on the Border Wall

"The essence of the American Dream"
weeee News

Half Ton of Weed Stolen in California

Protect your stash!
man_tests_cop_theory_shot Crime

Man Tests Theory That All Cops Are Good, Gets Shot 12 Times

Some theories should just stay theories
game_of_war_man_embezzle News

Man Embezzles $4.8m, Blows a Mil On Shitty Phone Game

Microtransactions will kill ya
pusha_t_mass_appeal Drugs

Pusha T Endorses Legalization In California

"Marijuana arrests are the engine that is driving the War on Drugs."
this_is_your_brain_on_drugs_marijuana News

Man From ‘This is Your Brain on Drugs’ Ads Has Endorsed Recreational Weed

Any questions?
goat_sir_lancelot_frees_friends News

This Goat is the Greatest Of All Time

G.O.A.T. breaks horse friends out of jail
1Weed_Flag Drugs

Regardless of Who’s President, Weed Will Most Likely Be Legal in California

We are the 63.8%
On ice Music

PREMIERE: Rexx Life Raj “On Ice” ft. ymtk

A forward-thinking movement from the East Bay.
warrantless surveillance Knowledge

FBI Conducted Warrantless Surveillance by Bugging Public Spaces in California

The hidden mics resulted in a legal battle, but did not capture any usable evidence
The Return Documentary Kenneth's Release Features

‘The Return’: A New Documentary Examines California’s Three Strikes Reform

What can California’s pioneering experiment teach the rest of the nation?
encryption backdoors News

New Legislation Would Force Tech Companies to Provide Encryption Backdoors

The bill would allow charges to be brought against companies that refuse government decryption requests