bruiser brigade

danny-brown-announces-bruiser-brigade-album-2014 Music

Danny Brown Announces Bruiser Brigade Album & Collaborations With The Avalanches

Get ready to meet Detroit's new "Bad Boys," aka Bruiser Brigade.
zelooperz 2014 HELP mixtape release Music

ZelooperZ “HELP” Mixtape (No DJ Version)

Help? Is He Sure?
Zelooperz releases the track "Isolation" Music

ZelooperZ “Isolation”

You can't hold back Bruiser Brigade's ZelooperZ.
zeelooperz-hit-a Music

Zelooperz “Hit A Lick” Video

Zelooperz new clip for "Hit A Lick" features the young rapper walking the streets of Detroit with a pistol in hand.
zeelooperz-coon-n-the-room Music

AUDIO: Zelooperz “Hit A Lick”

If you’re like us you’re a Danny Brown fan but you may or may not be familiar with Zelooperz, the oddly-named young gun out of...
danny-brown-gathering-juggalos-noisey_500 Music

Watch Danny Brown at the Gathering of the Juggalos

There’s a first time for everything but few experiences are as unique as attending the Insane Clown Posse’s Gathering of the Jugga...
Bruiser Brigade Music

Danny Brown Introduces His Bruiser Brigade With New EP

Danny Brown's hometown crew releases it's first project.