Breaking Bad

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Breaking Bad’s Gus Fring and that Chicken Joint are Back!

Better Call Saul is going to kick into overdrive
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Creator of Breaking Bad is Back With New Show about Jim Jones

The other Jim Jones
RJ Mitte Breaking Beats DJ Set News

Walt Jr. From ‘Breaking Bad’ to Spin Debut DJ Set at B.B. Kings

Flynn gets it in.
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Walter White and Jesse Pinkman Won’t Appear in Season 1 of ‘Better Call Saul’

Find out why and watch an extended trailer for the upcoming series.
A new trailer for "Better Call Saul" has arrived Film

Watch a New “Better Call Saul” Teaser Featuring Mike the Enforcer

Saul's always been a condescending asshole.
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“Better Call Saul” Gets a Premiere Date and New Teaser Trailer

Coming February 2015!
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Toys ‘R Us Pulls “Breaking Bad” Action Figures From Shelves

Toys 'R Us gives in to the insanity of Florida.
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Junior Brown Music Video Hints at “Better Call Saul” Plotlines

"Saul, Saul, you better call Saul"
Take a look at the rare roles of Giancarlo Esposito Film

Giancarlo Esposito: More Than Gustavo Fring

Bigger than Los Pollos Hermanos.
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“Better Call Saul” Trailer and Air Date

“Lawyers, we’re like health insurance…”
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Actress Receives 18 Years for Attempted Heisenberg Hit on President Obama

"I’m not a bad person."
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“Better Call Saul” to Take Place Before, During, and After “Breaking Bad”

The return of Walter White.
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The “Breaking Bad” News Everybody Wants To Hear

"Never say never," folks!
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AMC’s Breaking Bad Gets a Politicized Porn Parody

Bad news if you like your porn sans condoms: Measure B–the initiative that would make it mandatory for porn stars to wear condoms ...
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The Dingle: Meet the Whites

Thank God for that white!
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The Dingle: Breaking Bad

Who's Bad?