Brandon Westgate

Fan Out: Brandon Westgate Issue 54 Print

Fan Out: Brandon Westgate on Ricky Oyola

Ricky Oyola is the embodiment of East Coast skateboarding, and Zoo York prodigy Brandon Westgate is its future.
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Gavin Nolan Talks Hip Hop and His Zoo York Welcome

Zoo York roots and hip hop tunes.
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Zoo York “King Of New York” Premiere Recap

Team Zoo York talks about their latest skate video and the ins and outs of ripping in the Big Apple.
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Zoo York Rips Through Santiago Chile

Watch as Chaz Ortiz, Brandon Westgate and Travis Glover set it off on a recent South American excursion.
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Emerica’s New Brandon Westgate Shoes

Brandon Westgate's new Emerica shoes are built to kill.
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Zoo York Kings Celebrates East Coast Skateboarding

Zoo York commemorates East Coast skateboarding and Harold Hunter with their new collection.
CCS-Mixtape-To-True-East-Part-2-4 Film


Learn about skateboard filmer R.B. Umali's passion and favorite videos in part 2 of his interview about the twenty-year history of...
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Zoo York South America Tour 2013

Watch The Zoo York riders rip and get tons of love in Brazil, Argentina, and Chile.
Zoo-York-A-Day-In-Queens-With-Kevin-Tierney-Ollie Skate

Zoo York Spends a Day in Queens with Kevin Tierney

Zoo York spends a day in the life with team rider Kevin Tierney as he skates Queens and catches up with fellow rider Brandon Westg...
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Zoo York Takes Over Yankee Stadium

Chaz Ortiz, Dave Willis and Brandon Westgate throw down in Yankee Stadium for Zoo York's newest spot.