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Porn Stars Promote Photographer’s Instant Film Book On Kickstarter

Don’t call it a Polaroid!
Finding_Joseph_I_Bad_Brains_Book Books

Contributors To New Bad Brains Book Tell Us Their Best H.R. Stories

Finding Joseph I: An Oral History of H.R. from Bad Brains
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Unseen Subway Graffiti From the Eighties Highlighted In New Photo Book

Photographer uncovers photos of NYC's underground from decades ago
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Prodigy of Mobb Deep Releases Prison Cookbook

Ain't no such thing as halfway cooks.
A-Christmas-Story-a-christmas-story-17408434-900-506 Guides

A Guide to Surviving Christmas Week

Christmas is right around the corner and if you're anything like me, then you're probably fucked too. Let's get through this week ...
chainsawfeature Art

Artist, Todd McLellan Deconstructs 50 Objects Into 21,959 Pieces

In his latest book, Things Come Apart, Todd McLellan reveals the workings of 50 objects – from a raleigh bicycle to a Zenith CH 6...
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Sharm Murugiah’s Tarantino Screenplay Prints

Sharm Murugiah combines art with film iconography in his latest body of work. Using digital dry ink on 100% cotton rag paper, the ...
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NY’s MTA Rejects Book Ad Because It Looks Like Graffiti

SMH of the day - MTA rejects graffiti-esque book advertisement.
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Chef Eddie Huang Reveals “Fresh Off The Boat” Book Cover

Celebrity chef and culinary world shit-starter, Eddie Huang gave the world a peek at the cover of his upcoming book Fresh Off The ...
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Curtains Starts ‘Luxury Minds’ Book Club In NYC, Debuts Clip for ‘RutHLe$$’

Reading is fundamental -- even for the hip-hop style elite.