urban art legends Jonone_gate_ket_ Art

A Look Inside KET’s New Book ‘Urban Art Legends’

128 color-filled pages paying respect to the OGs, underground masters, and modern-day enigmas of street art.
blade-king-of-graffiti-2014 Graffiti

Blade TC5 King of Graffiti Hitting Full Cars In Kingston

Blade TC5, kickin' it live!
Blade Film

“Blade 4” Starring Wesley Snipes Reportedly on the Way

Half mortal, half vampire, all out of jail.
Roger Gastman Jonathan Levine Art

Roger Gastman and Jonathan LeVine Talk “Cruel Summer” Over Pizza

Teletubbies, 'Za, and Art.
blade-king-of-graffiti Art

BLADE “King of Graffiti” Book Signing and Talk at MCNY

Spend some time with "BLADE" the King of Graffiti.
CRUEL SUMMER Group Exhibition Art

Roger Gastman’s “CRUEL SUMMER” Group Exhibition

Join us to experience this truly diversified body of work.
Blade Martha Cooper Graffiti

See BLADE, King of Graffiti, Paint a Train Live

Join us in Kingston, New York as graffiti legend Blade paints a train live
Trinidad James Red Black Jacket Greenery Plants Real Talk

Trinidad Heat In NY Winter

SHR drops the realness on those claiming to be king of NY.