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Bill O’Reilly Got Cucked By God

O'Reilly really is beefing with the man above
Eric Bolling accused of sexual harassment. News

Fox News Host Eric Bolling Accused of Sending Unwanted Dick Pics

Anyone surprised?
Maxine Waters News

Maxine Waters: “Nobody’s Challenging the System Anymore”

The wokest congresswoman alive
the-simpsons-vs-fox-news-1 News

Did Fox News Pay Blindfolded Black Men To Fight For White People’s Entertainment?

Seven more Fox staffers join racial discrimination lawsuit
Trump Golf Course News

Trump Still Hates D.C., Will Now Golf in Jersey

Today's edition of The Daily Blunt
Bill O'Reilly News

Bill “Racist Alleged Sexual Predator” O’Reilly About To Get Fired

Outta here!
Bernie Sanders News

Sanders Wasn’t Buying “I’m With Her”

Today's edition of The Daily Blunt
Bill O'Reilly Hot Takes

Hey, Bill O’Reilly: Just Go Ahead and Retire, Bitch!

A two-week "Vacation" just isn't long enough!
billoreillyinjail News

Rep. Maxine Waters Says “Bill O’Reilly Should Be In Jail”

Also: "Fox News is A Sexual Harassment Enterprise"
Trump/O'Reilly News

Slimebag Trump Defends Slimebag O’Reilly

Lame recognizes lame
ludacris-pepsi News

The Kendall Jenner Ad Isn’t Pepsi’s First Bad Call

Pour one out for Ludacris
the-simpsons-vs-fox-news-1 News

Fox News Is Getting Sued For Racial Discrimination

Probably because they're racist
maxine-waters-bill-oreilly_1024 News

O’Reilly Issues Bullshit Apology For Dissing Maxine Waters AND James Brown

Say it loud
John Calipari Bill O'Reilly Show Players First Book Interview 2014 Sports

Bill O’Reilly Attacks Hip Hop and Coach John Calipari Defends