Barack Obama

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Obama Back

The former POTUS will speak publicly for the first time since leaving office next week.
Joe Biden confesses that he loves the Biden/Obama memes News

Joe Biden Loves Joe Biden Memes, Too

Shout out to Old Man Joe
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Barack and Michelle Obama are About to Make Bank

Getting paid from the publishing world
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Trump’s Latest Delusion: Obama Behind Anti-Trump Protests

Can you believe this guy??
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Obama, On Vacation, Is Over Trifling Ass America

Trump did what?
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Obama Encourages Protesters In First Post-Presidency Statement

Obama comes up firing
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Wikihow Reimagines Barack Obama, Jay Z and Beyonce As Caucasians

All white everything
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Watch Obama Leave the Oval Office For the Final Time as President

Watch this if you don't want to watch that other thing
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Steve Harvey Met With Donald Trump Because Obama Said So

Steve says he was invited to Trump Tower by Obama's transition team as well as Trump's
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Watch President Obama Surprise Joe Biden With the Presidential Medal of Freedom

No, you're crying
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White House Photographer Pete Souza Publishes Obama’s Final Year in Photos

Obama like you've never seen him before, and like you'll never see him again
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President Obama Says He Could’ve Beaten Hillary and Trump This Year

He also points out the fact that Hillary blew a 3-1 lead
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Did You Hear About: President Obama’s Favorite Rappers, RL Grime’s Halloween Mix...

RL Grime really goto R.L. Stine to do DJ drops
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Watch Barack Obama Ether Donald Trump in New Edition of “Mean Tweets” On ‘Jimmy ...

Barry finally took the gloves off
Obama Campaigns Throughout South Carolina Ahead Of Democratic Primary News

President Obama at Final White House Music Night: ‘I’m Not Twerking Tonight…But ...

Something tells us neither Hillary nor Trump will be this fun
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Radio Host Says Obama is a Demon That Smells Like Sulfur, Obama Proceeds to Smel...

POTUS is so slick with it