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Goldie Refers to Banksy as “Rob,” People Freak Out

You do realize how many Robs there are in the world, right?
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What’s a Banksy Really Worth?

The 'Saving Banksy' documentary comes to Netflix
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Banksy’s West Bank Hotel Boasts the “Worst View In the World”

Yelp's gonna hate it.
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That Time the Director of ‘Children of Men’ Tried to Get Banksy in the Film

"Banksy was not yet the famous Banksy that he is now, and I dug him”
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Rare Banksy Footage Bubbles Up

"I don’t feel the need to go to a gallery to make my art feel legitimate."
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New Banksy Documentary Depicts the Vultures Who Steal Street Art

"Be careful who's artwork you steal because you're subject to getting your ass beat"
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Drunken Art Thieves Try To Steal Fake Banksy, Go To Real Jail

Drunk and Disorderly

Banksy Surprises School Kids With Fiery Mural

Bridge Farm Primary just got a first-class education on street art
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Street Art’s First International Art Fair Set to Launch in Paris

Urban Art Fair is a professional and cultural rendez-vous to street art
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Scientists May Have Just Unmasked Banksy’s Identity Using Geographic Profiling

The research supports claims that Banksy is really Robin Gunningham
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Banksy Calls Out French Police for Using Tear Gas at “Jungle” Refugee Camp

The latest stencil creation is a repurposing-as-reminder of the ongoing refugee crisis.
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Banksy Draws Attention to Refugee Crisis With New Artwork and ‘Dismal Aid’

The clandestine artist continues in his quest to harness and re-direct the spotlight of his celebrity towards the dire plight of t...
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Banksy’s Dismaland Being Dismantled to Build Refugee Shelters

Materials used to construct Banksy's theme-park-as-art-installation will help build refugee shelters in Calais, France.
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Watch Banksy’s Trailer for “Dismaland”

A place where all your dreams come true.
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Banksy Interviews Run the Jewels

The three riot starters discuss a wide range of topics, including tear-inducing YouTube videos and tastes in art.
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Dismaland: Family Fun Brought to You by Banksy

The street artist delivers art, amusements, and entry level anarchism with a massive theme-park-as-art installation.