jessica marie, los angeles, latina, racism, rap, fine art, oil painting Art

Hey, You’re Cool! Jessica Marie

She quit her racist retail job and is making a living off art now
Hot Takes

This Is Good Art

Kathy Griffin and Tyler Shields are sellouts for deleting it
Phil America's border art flag installation Art

Phil America Flies Immigrant Flags on the Border Wall

"The essence of the American Dream"
12011200_681717935292527_4786020537206985491_n Art

One Artist Is Coping With the Syrian War By “Painting On Death”

"Painting on these tools of death helps take away the fear in the eyes of my children..."
RAE3 Art

Ring In the New Year with Street Artist RAE and DJ Kool Herc

All Systems Go
Adam_West_art_exhibit Art

Kapow! The Original Caped Crusader Adam West Is Selling Batman-Themed Artwork Be...

"My art, like my acting, is a profound expression of poetic license."
a_bigger_big_poppa Art

Grotesk Releases ‘A Bigger Big Poppa’ Sculpture of Biggie Smalls, Sells Out Imme...

"He was an extremely raw MC but had a super smooth delivery. That’s why I decided to do a sculpture using only raw wood and no pai...
trump_billboard_jersey_city Art

Donald Trump Depicted As A Suicidal, Grenade-Wielding Joker On New Billboard

"Some men just want to watch the world burn."
P12202523 Art

Hong Kong Street Artists Use Air Pollution As Black Ink

Anirudh Sharma of Graviky Labs constructed a device that he can fit to polluting exhausts and collect the soot that would otherwis...
kanye_famous_blum_poe_ehibit1 Art

Robot Kanye and Clothed Kim Unveil Naked Sculptures at “Famous” Gallery Exhibit

“I shaved my own butt. It was a little too small, and then it was a little too big."
lead_image_joint_king Art

The Best Joint Roller In The Game’s Spark of Inspiration

Tony Greenhand gets paid $7k for a commission

Chopping It Up With Dus T’, the Animator Behind MF Doom’s “Gas Drawls” Video

Artist discusses how he stumbled onto a project with a hip hop legend
GIZ_Lisa_bushwick_collective Features

Cartoon Mural of a Sexy Lisa Simpson Faces Accusations of Indecency in Bushwick

A graffiti-inspired depiction of a fictional humanoid has some people very upset
daks_mass_appeal_2016 Features

ATL Artist Dax Takes Us on a Tour of “Space Mountain,” Shows Off Some Nostalgic ...

ATL's graffiti champion DAKS reminisces about the early beginnings of Mass Appeal.
Charles_Roussel -20160210-6204 Art

Shooting the Shit With Bobbito García

The New York City icon talks his new sneaker collab with Piola, basketball, and supporting local artists
claw-spone-aero77-yes2 Graffiti

Claw & Co Present “Champagne Campaign” ft. SP.ONE, Yes 2, and Aero 77

If you're looking for something to do tonight in New York, fall through.