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Apple Pulls ‘Objectionable’ Drone Strike Apps From the App Store

Has Apple crossed the line from curating to censorship?
the-worlds-most-artistic-apps Art

These Are the Most Artistic Apps in the World

We gave you the laziest, now here the most artistic!
Lazy Ass Cell phone App Tech/Games

The Best Apps for Lazy-Ass People

Give me convenience or give me death.
Transworld Endless Skater App Skate

Transworld “Endless Skater” App

You can finally skate during your subway commute.
kim-kardashian-hollywood-mobile-app-200-million-2014 Tech/Games

Kim Kardashian to Make $85 Million From People Being Her

Kim Kardashian: The $85M Woman
Ridiculous Fishing Tech/Games

The Best iOS Games for Subway Rides and Awkward Situations

Come waste your time.
Weed Pizza Image 2014 Drugs

Pizza and Pot Please: New App Delivers Food and Weed

"Hello? Can I get a pepperoni pizza and a gram of OG Kush?"
ArtRank App KAWS Feature Image Art

ArtRank Says Sell Your Kaws Collection, Now!

No need to wait on Jay for your art news.
stop-frisk-watch-app-nyclu-andriod-iphone News

NYCLU’s “Stop and Frisk Watch” App Now on iPhone

With the nature of the New York Police Department’s controversial Stop, Question and Frisk measures being called into question, ma...
80bites2 Tech/Games

SHR on Hip-Hop, Phat and Portion Control

Check out SHR talk about Hip-Hop, Phat and Portion Control right here.