coco Film

Pixar’s ‘Coco’ Can’t Erase Disney’s Racist Past, But It Hits All The Right Notes

No Mickey Mouse Club here, b
Trash Talk The Great Escape Music

Trash Talk “The Great Escape” Video

Bloody gnarly.
Abolsutely Free Beneath The Air Video Music

Absolutely Free “Beneath The Air” Video

Absolutely trippy.
Stacy Peralta Movie Skateboard On The Grind

Weird Wednesdays: Skateboard Madness

A psychedelic claymation ride through the space/time continuum.
Hipster Rogers Diggin You Music Video

Hipster Rogers “Diggin You”

Hipster Rogers channels his Patrick Swayze in this amazing, almost NSFW treat.
Screen Shot 2013-06-19 at 10 Film

Willis Earl Beal’s “Principles of a Protagonist”

Willis Earl Beal brings the doom and gloom of Chicago to life in this animated short film.
Scene Fans Robot Gathering Dancing Group Animated Cartoon Music Video

Premiere: DJ Muggs ft Danny Brown “Headfirst”

Check out the world premiere of DJ Muggs' brand new music video for “Headfirst” featuring Danny Brown.
the_line_everything_i_can_see_from_here_slider Art

Everything I Can See From Here

Everything I Can See From Here is an animated short film by directors Sam Taylor and Bjorn Aschim from The Line, an animation coll...
Hipster-Rogers-3 Art

VIDEO: Hipster Rogers “Talkin’ Shit” (Lyric Video)

Earlier this week we introduced you to Hipster Rogers, an animated slacker and troublemaker who frequents the streets of Williamsb...
Hipster Rogers Cartoon Art

Hipster Rogers Goes From “WBRG2BSHWK” in Animated Video

What if the term “hipster” wasn’t a pejorative used to describe the denizens of “cool” urban enclaves like Williamsburg Brooklyn a...
gamemasters Art

VIDEO: Gamemasters (Animated Short)

Check out the Gamemasters animated short.
lego-superman TV

VIDEO: Lego “Man of Steel” Movie Trailer

Is Superman still the Man of Steel if he's made of Legos?
80bites2 Tech/Games

SHR on Hip-Hop, Phat and Portion Control

Check out SHR talk about Hip-Hop, Phat and Portion Control right here.
thatwillbetheday Art

“That Will Be The Day” Audio/Visual Collaboration

Cinema 4D and After Effects? Morphing shapes? Music with strings? You’ve got our attention. “That Will Be The Day” is a cool audio...
mtn500 Art

‘Enjoy the Silence’ of Montana’s Muted Spray Paint Cans

Montana Colors' "Mute" magnet silencers help bombers avoid the revealing rattle of spray cans.
Has-Lo-3 Music Video

Premiere: Has-lo “Inherit the Stars” Video

Has-lo's art of rap is animated in his brand new video from Conversation B.