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“Release Roundtable” – Pusha T Talks MNIMN – Part 2

Pusha and our panelists return for the second installment of "Release Roundtable" as they delve further into his album MNIMN.
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Release Roundtable: Pusha T Talks MNIMN – Part 1

We take your favorite artists and your artist’s favorite bloggers and throw them in in a room together to discuss their newest mus...
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Yeezus Walks

Yeezus has risen. We share our thoughts on the synth-driven, minimalistic album from the hip hop heavyweight Kanye West.
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Album Review: Ghostface Killah & Adrian Younge Twelve Reasons to Die

Ghost’s glorified and intricate story telling matched with Younge’s unique, nostalgic, and psychedelic production is the perfect m...