Tupac, Kylie, Kendall Jenner News

Tupac Photographer Is Suing Kendall And Kylie Jenner For Those Ugly-Ass T-Shirts

Hit Em Up!
tupac-shakur-daily-operation Music

Throw It Up For the West Coast on Tupac Shakur’s Birthday

Shed so many tears
tupac-outlawz Features

Outlawz Tupac Memories Part 2: Pac Wanted Nas On The ‘One Nation’ Project

A couple of days before Makaveli got shot, they were "talking like bosses."
outlaw-immortalz-shooting News

Outlawz Speak On Funk Flex’s Tupac Rant: “He’s Way Out of Line”

What really happened during the infamous Quad Studios incident?
TupacOutlawz Features

Outlaw Immortalz Tupac Memories: “B.I.G. is still my brother”

Makaveli's crew speaks—the first of a two-part exclusive
Tupac's final scene in Juice Film

Watch an Alternate Ending of ‘Juice’ Starring Tupac Shakur

Spoiler alert
MA-Thumbnail_2Pac_nologo Music

On This Day, 2Pac Took Aim With “Hit ‘Em Up”

Remembering one of hip hop's most scathing diss tracks
krs-one-world-is-mine Humor

KRS-ONE’s Lost Verses

That Beastie Boys tribute was only the beginning
SnoopNevaLeft2 Features

Snoop Shows The Rap Game He ‘Neva Left’ and Why Trump’s Twitter Attack Was All Good

Speaking on Kendrick, KRS, and "Ronald Klump."
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The Best Rap Music Videos in the Desert

Stay thirsty, friends
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Tupac Will Officially Be Inducted Into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame

Alongside... Journey
tupac-and-john-singleton_movie Film

John Singleton Says Hollywood Has Already Fucked Up the Tupac Biopic

"They want to make the Tupac story that involves them and not the Tupac story."
Notorious BIG Poppa Bootleg Ross Front Features

DJ Ross One: The King of Bootleg ’90s Rap Tees

The author of the new book "Rap Tees" explains why the over-the-top imagery on these hard-to-obtain joints makes them worth big bu...
Kendrick Lamar Tupac Letter Music

Kendrick Lamar Pens Tribute to Tupac

Tupac continues to inspire, even 19 years after his death.
Hood Harmony Nelly Ja Rule Kid Cudi Nate Dogg Future Music

Hood Harmony: Rappers Turned Singers

Rappers have always tip toed on the lines of R&B. We analyzed and broke down the method to their melody or as we like to call it ...