2012 presidential election

wale_wyclef_will_feat News

Wyclef, Wale, Will.I.Am–Same Guy, Right?

The Presidential race may be over, but it appears we aren’t done with the hilarious happenings related to the election. A reporter...
99 Problems Mitt tee News

Did You Spot the Guy in the “99 Problems But Mitt Ain’t One” T-Shirt Last Night?

There was the Flag Hair Lady and The High Top Fade Kid but one of our favorite election night oddities was the guy in the...
Mitt__Ann___w-Grankids-in-Old-Car News

Our Car Guy on Why Romney’s No “Car Guy”

Mass Appeal’s autos editor, Willie G., tell us why he doubts Mitt’s support of the American auto industry. “Car guy.” The two word...