Study: Psychedelic Drugs Are Awesome, Potentially Helpful for Treating Bad Drugs

Image: Pixababy

According to the latest study on using using psychoactive drugs as a cure for addiction, previous studies on using psychoactive drugs as a cure for addiction appear to be correct: hallucinogens may be an effective way to ween people off bad drugs. The findings, published in the Current Opinion in Behavioral Sciences, were culled from decades worth of research dating “back to the 1950s,” reports IFLScience:

Gathering together data from six separate studies in the mid-twentieth century, the authors of the new paper find that of a total of 536 participants, 59 percent showed “reliable improvements” in their drinking six months after being given LSD, compared to just 38 percent of those who didn’t receive the drug.

Psilocybin, the active ingredient in magic mushrooms that makes them so awesome, also yielded some positive results, and in one study, “10 out of 15 smokers who received the drug remaining completely abstinent a year later.”

Additionally, other hallucinogens typically associated with counterculture such as DMT and ibogaine, have also shown to the effective in treatment of addictions. Even, ketamine, a crowd favorite from a few years ago, showed some success with alcoholism.

Despite their therapeutic applications, all of these substances are classified as Schedule I drugs by the federal government, with the exception of ketamine—it’s Schedule III. Considering how many people I’ve seen descend into k-holes, that’s kind of ironic.

“Schedule I drugs, substances, or chemicals are defined as drugs with no currently accepted medical use and a high potential for abuse,” states the DEA on its website. So, like cannabis, which is also absurdly classified as Schedule I, it’s very hard to conduct experimentation, making it even harder to prove the medical use of these compounds, leaving them out of reach of the people who need them and in a state of perpetual limbo by an agency that doesn’t know shit about medicine.

“Psychedelic drugs have been used as treatments in indigenous cultures for thousands of years,” writes the study’s authors. “Yet, due to their legal status, there has been limited scientific research into the therapeutic potential of these compounds for psychiatric disorders. In the absence of other effective treatments however, researchers have begun again to systematically investigate such compounds and there is now evidence pointing to the use of psychedelic drugs in the treatment of addiction.”


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