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Study: Photos of Black People Make Trump Supporters Angry

In news that’s likely to shock no one, a new study soon to be released in Research & Politics further proves what most sane individuals already knew: A good chunk of Donald Trump’s supporters are racist and white.

The study looked at how likely white Trump supporters would be to support housing assistance programs. Researchers showed the participants photos of a white man and a black man, and as you’d imagine, Trump supporters were not as willing to support measures that would provide housing assistance to the black people in the photos.

Conversely, when Clinton supporters were shown the same photos with the same question, the reactions were different. “These findings indicate that responses to the racial cue varied as a function of feelings about Donald Trump—but not feelings about Hillary Clinton—during the 2016 presidential election,” researches stated in their paper.

“Support for Donald Trump—not partisanship or ideology—uniquely captures distinct reactions to our experimental manipulation of race,” the study concludes. “That is, support for Donald Trump appears to serve as a basis for polarized responses to racial cues in its own regard.”

Here’s what the participants were shown.

The authors of the study described their process:

As Figure 1 shows, the activation of racial categories was subtle; no attention was called to the photo, and neither the instructions nor the dependent measures made any reference to the individual depicted in the photo. Respondents were randomly assigned to either the black or white photo condition. The experiment was introduced with brief text and was accompanied by a photo of a foreclosed home and the black or white target individual. The introductory text read: “Recently there have been proposals to help people who are struggling with their mortgages and may lose their homes.” Participants then indicated their support for the mortgage relief program, whether the possibility of such help made them angry, and the extent to which they blamed potential beneficiaries of the program for their own predicament.

Researchers found that white Trump supporters were not only more likely to feel that the black individuals in the photos shouldn’t receive housing assistance, but the very notion made them angry.

Given events over the past few months and Donald Trump’s quiet whistles to his white followers, these findings aren’t surprising. The Southern Poverty Law Center has noted a massive increase in white supremacist groups since the rise of Trump and there’s been a significant increase in racist attacks over the past few years, too.

The bottom line is simple: It’s becoming more and more apparent who Trump’s supporters are– racists white Americans.

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