Study: Magic Mushrooms Are So Awesome, That Even A Bad Trip Can Be “Meaningful” and “Worthwhile”

According to a new study that will absolutely shock the shit out of each and every one of you, some people who takes magic mushrooms don’t have a galactically great time. Some even freak out. Crazy, right?

Researchers from John Hopkins recently asked nearly 2,000 people about their worst bad trip in an online survey. They asked participants “to report about the dose of psilocybin they took, the environment in which the experience occurred, how long it lasted, and strategies available and used to stop this negative experience and any unwanted consequences.”

The findings were published in the Journal of Psychopharmacology and showed that 11% percent of participants said their worst, mind-bending bad trip put themselves or others at risk. HOWEVER, despite this temporary discomfort, a huge majority of these same Negative Nancys also admitted that they benefited from the experience:

“[I]t is notable that 84% of respondents reported having benefited from the experience, with 76% reporting increased well-being or life satisfaction attributed to the experience. Some 60% of respondents considered their experience to be among the top 10 most psychologically personally meaningful experiences of their lives, while 34% and 31% reported the experience in the top five most personally meaningful and spiritually significant, respectively.”

As for the sample, of the 1,993 completed surveys, “78 percent of respondents were unsurprisingly men, 89 percent were also unsurprisingly white, and 51 percent had college or graduate degrees. 66 percent were from the U.S. On average, the survey participants were 30 years old at the time of the survey and 23 years old at the time of their bad trips, with 93 percent responding that they used psilocybin more than two times.”

Noting the limitations of the study due to the apparent lack of diversity, researchers hilarious concluded that it may just “accurately reflect the population of psychedelic users.” In other words, white people tend to trip balls on mushrooms more than other demographic groups! Which seems true.

Roland Griffiths, the co-author of the study and one of the lead researchers on psilocybin at John Hopkins, noted that traditionally, societies didn’t just hand out mushrooms willy-nilly, there was a protocol. “Cultures that have long used psilocybin mushrooms for healing or religious purposes have recognized their potential dangers and have developed corresponding safeguards,” said Griffiths. “They don’t give the mushrooms to just anyone, anytime, without a contained setting and supportive, skillful monitoring.”



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