Step Brothers Step Masters Feature Image

Jason Goldwatch Directs the Step Brothers’ “Step Masters”

I don’t even watch rap videos anymore unless Wolf Haley or Kanye made it, or someone I respect says, “watch this.” I dunno, I guess I’m jaded. It’s hard for anything to break through these days.

Any time I make a music video, I hope it it falls into the latter category of a “watch this.” A sub category of pop art, that for some fucking stupid reason is a step child, a red headed black sheep of the “art world.” Regardless I consider my “music videos” to very much be “art.” A disaster piece of film, a moment in time and space, prearranged and then left to run loose, like a child… A maniac art child.

When working with Alan the Chemist, and Mr. Evidence for Step Brothers I thought it was about time to stop the rappy rap all together. Enough hand waving and tough-guy stuff, hip hop is fun, and has a sense of humor and can be self aware and ironic, and still be “real.” The two have been besties since high school, and the genuine comedic relationship of the two home-brothers was far more entertaining and much more a visual projection of the song than “rap hands,” and “tough mugs.” When in Venice, I often bounce between ALC’s Rap Camp, with pink LEDs and concrete tables and then over to Ev’s charming backyard studio, with busted speakers and squirrels. The two are amazing artists, dear friends and two opposite kinds of genius that make for a perfect “Step Brothers” “Music Video.” Enjoy.


Step Brothers Step Masters Behind The Scenes Alchemist Jason Goldwatch

Step Brothers Step Masters Behind The Scenes Evidence Jason Goldwatch

Step Brothers Step Masters Behind The Scenes Handstand Goldwatch

Step Brothers Step Masters Behind The Scenes Jazz Hands Evidence Jason Goldwatch

Step Brothers Step Masters Behind The Scenes Garage Shot

Step Brothers Step Masters Behind The Scenes Production Setup Jason Goldwatch

Step Brothers Step Masters Behind The Scenes Production Jason Goldwatch

The Step Brothers Lord Steppington debut album drops January 21st 2014. Fans that pre-order the album on iTunes instantly get access to the “Step Masters” single.


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