Snoop Dog, Krondon, Phil Da Agony

Strong Arm Steady and Snoop Talk Ghostwriting

Snoop Dogg’s GGN, the Double G News Network, is a light-hearted news show that features constant ganja burning with and array of guest rappers and comedians such as Andy Milanokis. Although there’s more than a few episodes that are worth your while to watch (the show is in it’s 4th season), we felt the most recent episode featuring West Coast veterans Strong Arm Steady featured some knowledge that was worth spreading.

Strong Arm members Krondon and Phil da Agony talk in length with Snoop about their careers; which in turn brought up an interesting topic… ghostwriting. In a age where vinyl and CDs are bought less and less, many listeners don’t get the chance to look at the credits which give detail on who actually put work into a song or project. After some persistence by Snoop, aka Nemo Hoes, Krondon comes clean on some hits that he actually wrote in the past, like Xzibit’s “Criminal Set” and “Gangband Rookie” for the Dogfather himself. During their conversation about ghostwriting, they also touched on Jay-Z’s involvement in the making of “Still Dre” and also Eminem’s roll of ghostwriting in the past. The conversation that involves a plethora of reefer, brings up some great points about the importance of the ghostwriter as well as some behind the scenes info that will let Hip-Hop fans get a grasp on what’s been going on behind close doors for generations.

Check out other episodes of GGN over at Snoop’s Youtube Page.

Snoop Dog, Krondon, Phil Da Agony

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