Phil Anselmo White Power SHR

Black Pantera

Phil Anselmo is just a white man. A white man who basks in the light of whiteness.
Don 1 Interview Mass Appeal Features


The book on graffiti writer Don 1 gets close to the myth. And no one can tell the tale better than KR. One.

Beastie Book: New York’s Rhymeslayers Embark on Time

Mass Appeal's own Sacha Jenkins (SHR) reveals his involvement in the upcoming Beastie Boys memoir.
Cope2 Smoking A Cigar Features

Cope With The Truth

The story of Cope 2, the controversial Bronx graffiti writer, and his rise to kingship on the subways, streets, and international ...
Mesh M-Yard SHR

OG GRAFFITI BEATS, Mesh sprays it and plays it

Mesh AOK reminisces about his roots in graffiti and hip hop culture growing up in New York City.
ll_cool_j_brad_paisley SHR

When White Power Goes Wrong

Being an “Accidental Racist” sucks, Braid Paisley. It’s better to be an on-purpose racist.
Chis Brown Graff SHR

Chris Brown Thinks He’s a Graffiti Writer: FOH

Dear Chris Brown, You’re not a graffiti writer. You ain’t a graffiti artist. Stop fronting.
Rick Ross Threats Seriously Chicago Police Features

SHR on Rick Ross, Gangster Disciples & Vocational School

Billboard reports that Rick Ross cancels his tour because some GD’s said they were gonna get at him. Watch Rick Ross deny it and b...
white-girl-mob SHR

V-Nasty Kreayshawn Beef: When White Girls Stop Mobbin’

It’s really sad to see women clawing at each other in cyber space.
das-racist1 SHR

An Open Letter to Das Racist

I just learned about your break-up, and I am deeply saddened.
RICKY_POWELL_JamMasterJay_5024SF_549-550x410 SHR

Sacha Jenkins Remembers Jam Master Jay

10 years after Jam Master Jay's death, Mass Appeal's Sacha Jenkins remembers the pioneering DJ and music biz exec.
benzino-2-500 SHR

Benzino, ‘Love & Hip-Hop: Atlanta’ and Me

Never mind Stevie J., Joseline or Momma Dee, Sacha Jenkins thinks Benzino is the real star of Love & Hip-Hop: Atlanta.
Havoc Fail Features

Dear Mobb Deep, Hug It Out, Don’t Thug It Out

Havoc's new video is a thinly-veiled diss aimed at his Mobb Deep partner Prodigy. Sacha Jenkins wants them to squash their infamou...
peter-popoff-promo Real Talk

Pot Shots at BET Televangelist Peter Popoff

A critique of how BET took a step forward with Terry Kennedy, but made a leap backwards with suspicious televangelist Peter Popoff.
wade michael page sikh shooter-500x360 Features

The Sikh Temple Shooter’s Connection to Punk Rock & Manson

Sounding off on the Wisconsin Shooter, End Apathy, and Charles Manson.
Drake-VS-Chrisbrown-promo Real Talk

Drake and Chris Brown Go YOLO vs LEGGO at The Club

Rihanna—you’re not innocent here. Your beauty is driving these lightskinded ninjas CRAZY!