Science Attempts To Answer Question Puzzling Mankind for Ages: How Much Weed Is In A Joint?

Image: @stayvers

“How much marijuana does the average joint contain?” That’s the question that a heroic research duo set out to answer in a new study. Greg Ridgeway, an associate professor at the University of Pennsylvania and co-author of the findings (and presumably a chill dude), acknowledges that as ridiculous as that premise sounds, the metrics have real world implications.

“It seems like an odd question, but major policy questions depend on the answer,” he explains, noting that it’s a “critical number in estimating how much marijuana is being consumed [nationwide], how much drug-trafficking organizations are putting on the market and how much states might expect in revenue post-legalization.”

Science Daily reports that “there’s been no consensus” or standard on the amount of chronic in rolled weed, until now: “Previous research suggested a single joint held anywhere from 0.3 to 0.75 grams of cannabis, with some users reporting amounts as high as 1 gram. The United States Office of National Drug Control Policy used 0.5 grams as its baseline,” indicating that the feds are more partial to spliffs than pinners. For the sake of journalism and scientific inquiry, Mass Appeal assembled a visual aid to show just how noticeable the discrepancies are.

However, the speculation ends now, and according to the analytical pair, the average quantity in joints is about 0.3 grams or ⅓ of a gram, “which is much less than previously thought.” Sorry dudes!

The data crunchers arrived at that number by combing through “more than 10,000 marijuana transactions during 11 years and from more than 40 communities,” which is probably the most remarkable part of the study. Can you believe that many people purchased pre-rolled joints, the loosies of the weed world?

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