Ricky Powell Launches NYC Street Photography Site

Friend of Mass Appeal and one of the best NYC photogs to do it, Ricky Powell has co-founded the site with Brian Dwels to bring together the greats of street photography with the up-and-comer all with the purpose of preserving and documenting NYC culture. Read the Rickster’s statement below:

A Note From the Rickster, Ricky Powell

To me, ‘ Street Photography is like my transistor radio..the playlist is infinite ‘ .. Every body got their own taste in what’s a ‘Money Shot ‘.. like art.

So, personally I’m captivated bywhat goes on naturally…I do it on the love..I take picturers on the fly..It’s my story that I’m documenting for my perpetual time capsule..(according to ‘The Lazy Hustler’ ) ..(again..)

To me, when i ‘go after ‘ a subject, they sort of remind me of collecting sports cards as a kid, in the early-70’s..I’ll be like ‘ I want him’ , ‘I want her’ ..I want them ‘… in my collection. As I look back to when I started (‘stated’) that I was going to take pictures on a serious/ fun/professional/ long term on the rreal, I’m a lil’ impressed with my variety of characters that I shared a 9intinate’) moment…

I started to specifically associate myself with ‘ Street Photography ‘ in like 2000-2001..’Upper Playground’ in S.F created a logo for our collaboration of my photos on t*shirts…and I loved it and applied it on my complimentary 1/2 page ad in Mass Appeal mag (i contributed as ‘The Doloist’ )..and I found myself embraced by ‘Street Photography’ enthusiasts.

I liked that. I wanted to distinguish myself, in the ‘photography world’ so that worked out nice… I’m a big fan of old school ‘Street’ Photographers.. such, as..Helen Levitt..Fred McDarrah..Bob Adelman..DOISNEAU..Ellliot Erwitt..Wee Gee..Garry Winogrand..Mary Ellen Mark… And there are some of my contemporaries who I Love to Def… Martha Cooper..Charlie Ahearn..Henry Chalfant..Jamel Shabazz..Janette Beckman..Joe Conzo..there’s too many to mention on my short list, to name right here.

And, yo.I’ve always appreciated the great ones wrry themselves with, real class…that counts, big The Rickford Institute of Duszted Photography / Individualizm …Her’s to creating a kool universe of classic frozen moments

Ricky Powell Nyc 8/15/2012
also big talent like Craig Wetherby..Noah Ritter..Jay Garrett..Jason Goldwatch..Delphine Ettinger..(Ashes 57) 13th Witness..TAK, and Mel D. Cole


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