Rick Ross Threats Seriously Chicago Police

SHR on Rick Ross, Gangster Disciples & Vocational School

Rick Ross Threats Seriously Chicago Police

Billboard reports that Rick Ross cancels his tour because some GD’s said they were gonna get at him in real time (Rick Ross denies, blames promoter, watch the video at the end). These gangsters made threats against a former corrections officer turned rap Don Dada. These Gangstas are in North Carolina, but most real G’s know that the Gangster Disciples originally hail from Chicago. This basically lets you know that much like Amway, the GD’s are a corporation. A corporation with the ability to wrap on your door—or tour bus—with an automatic weapon of their choice.

I attended public school in New York City back when the only good thing coming out of the lunchroom was chocolate milk (I’m sure not much has changed). I had a guidance counselor in junior high who was really after me to attend a vocational high school. Don’t get it twisted—there’s nothing wrong with vocational school, but I had different aspirations, and had I listened to that asshole I would be plumb out of work because America don’t make shit anymore. These greedy fuckholes wanted to maximize their profits by sending manufacturing overseas. And now, all of the great industrial cities of the USA are being overrun by hipster trust fund artists who have the money to convert and old railroad repair shop into a gallery, living space and yoga pavilion (that’s exactly what Toledo needs right about now).

Anyway, somehow the rap game has sustained me all these years, so fuck a guidance counselor! My ancestors picked cotton and had rough-ass hands and they didn’t want me to have to “Get Physical” like Olivia Newton John to make my money.

Rick Ross played football in high school and he was supposedly a decent player. Football is mad vocational. People at UPS lose fingers because of machinery sometimes. Football players get hurt all the time. Their average career span is three years, and they wind up living in pain for the rest of their lives. Rick Ross stepped off from the vocational thing and got into something somewhat more stable: law enforcement. Ross wound up a corrections officer because it seemed like a great gig with perks. For the record, Rick seems like a really nice guy. His subject matter is a bit limited, but if you want to close your eyes and imagine that this big black and tatted teddy bear is eating the most expensive lobster and making major moves with mobsters, he’s I-ight. He wants to be Scarface so bad, and I think the GD’s have picked up on this. Ross name-checks their beloved Larry Hoover and the GD’s are not feeling that. With that said, I just wanted to take this time here to address our friends in the Gangster Disciples.

GD’s: you have a long and illustrious history here in America. Y’all wasn’t the first gangstas here, and y’all wont be the last. Matter of fact, this country was founded by gangstas who wanted to smoke weed, smash damsels (some of them being distressed and oppressed Africans) and front on the Queen’s taxes. I imagine your legacy will continue to grow, but America doesn’t create many opportunities for real G’s who want to transition into “legitimate” biz these days. Still, your ancestors moved to Chicago from the South for a better way to live. They were willingly sucked in by the factories, and the local bars and clubs oozed with the music of Africans with guitars. I’m talkin’ blues, Jack, and I say Africans because those brothers and sisters were closer to the essence that spawned us, and their music is a timeless reflection of that. Today, the blues still exists, and rap is the hyperactive great grand step-child of the genre. Young strugglers and strivers (some white ones, too) still have a whole ‘lotta blues singin’ to do, so rap will be here for a minute.

There is a distinct difference between a blues singer and a pop star, and Rick Ross is a pop star. He touches on the blues but the folks in the blues seats—You GD’s—ain’t havin’ it. Because he ain’t live it. Look, I totally understand why y’all feel the way y’all do, but be easy. We don’t need to spill blood to make a statement in our community or to the world at large; we don’t need to kill our entertainers. Ross is like Diana Ross—a SANGER. GD’s, I know the world is changing, and our Mayan friends created this ill calendar some years back that says that we’re about to face some serious changes. We have to consider the bigger picture today because tomorrow is not promised. I just want to say that in the past, when there were issues in the rap game, the heavies got together behind the scenes and worked things out. Entertainers cut checks or put cats on the payroll or did something to make the situation sweet. It’s called politics. You can probably holla at Rick Ross and work out something that everybody can smile about. Remember: Rick was a CORRECTIONS OFFICER. In a prison. Which means that he had to make deals in order to make his days there more pleasant. I’m sure there is an embedded GD in the bing who is cutting a deal with a correction’s officer as we speak. Am I wrong?

Please don’t hurt Rick Ross, GD’s. Rick has the powerful voice of a preacher. He sounds like MLK–but with absolutely no scruples. It is my hope that one day soon he’ll put down the mic and pick up a shovel. Not to bury a fellow black man. But to rebuild communities where poor people of all creeds and colors live. Rick Ross can become the Rainbow Man, like a big, yummy rainbow icee that you buy from the Good Humor man. And I want Wale to write beautiful poems to celebrate these great gestures of human kindness. THIS can be the true legacy of Maybach Music. I have a dream.

Here’s one of my favorite Rick Ross lines: “They say I’m getting’ money/must be Illuminati/talkin’ to the Holy Ghost/in my Bugatti”. Hey GD’s—if Rick was talkin’ to the Holy Ghost like that you folks wouldn’t be a threat. Couple that with Illuminati speak and you’d have a pretty indestructible rapper. Alas, Rick is human. He’s not bulletproof. He has the kind of health issues that a lot of black people have (be easy on the fried foods, home skillet). Let Rick Ross get his money. Maybe he can open up a Maybach factory in Detroit—bring that luxurious line of whips back AND create jobs for the people. He is an entertainer who has the potential to do bigger things for the greater good. Let’s peep that big flatscreen in the sky and make the intelligent choice.

Ain’t we lucky we got him?

Good Times.

Sometimes, it sounds like you’ve gotta pay the cost to be the Boss.

PS: Speaking of Chicago, Rick–you might want to put in a call to Mr. Farrakhan. He has been known to bring peace in these wicked rap streets.


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