Rejjie Snow “Snow (My Rap Song)”

The Emerald Isle’s rising rap star, Rejjie Snow debuts the video for his single, “Snow (My Rap Song)”.

For the people reading this who will actually know who I’m talking about, “Snow (My Rap Song),” could be considered a heavy nod to UK producer and rapper, Dahlia Black, and his hit single from earlier this year, “Fuck a Rap Song.” For those of you not up on your UK hip hop (it’s cool, I’m one of the few), a more familiar comparison can be made to Ishmael Butler of Shabazz Palaces, or even early Tyler, the Creator raps.

Nestled within the realm of “alternative” or “experimental” hip hop, among acts like Odd Future, Shabazz Palaces, and Captain Murphy lies Rejjie Snow’s dark hollow rhymes. Slippery, distorted beats compliments of producer Roofeo, set the backdrop for Snow’s enunciated words, which are probably more accent than intentional, but create this inviting… well terror. He’s by no means Death Grips, scaring you in to listening through militant barks, instead, his deep, husky vocals slide over beats effortlessly, giving him the freedom to spit lines over twisted beats without sounding cheesy or awkward.

Shot in Paris, the video that accompanies “Snow (My Rap Song),” invites you into the world of Rejjie Snow the rapper, as well as the person, eliciting a curiosity and desire to know more. After a few listens, I’m going to go out on a limb and say, Rejjie Snow might just be the one hip hop act to make it across the pond without drowning. Stay tuned.

Rejjie Snow’s Rejovich EP is out now via imprint, Kaya Kaya Records.



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