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yolo_oxford-english-dictionary News

Yolo, Cheeba and Biatch Have Been Added to the Oxford English Dictionary

Also kegerator and squee! and moobs and more
WhatsApp Privacy Concerns Real Talk

WhatsApp Just Flexed on Your Whole Government

End-to-end encryption for a billion people is essentially a big "fuck you" to Big Brother
Bankroll Fresh RIP Features

Real Rap and the Death of Bankroll Fresh

Who's to blame for perpetuating the cycle of violence?
Martin Shkreli Typing Real Talk

Faux Real: Martin Shkreli and His Rainy Day

Karma is coming for this piece of shit.
Jeremih Late Nights Album Stream Music

Jeremih’s ‘Late Nights’ Album Is Here, but Was it Worth the Wait?

After a long wait, the Chicago crooner's new album arrives. Unexpectedly? Yes. Finally? Well...
Tinder Smart Profiles Real Talk

Tinder Unveils Meaningless Updates…Again

Just admit most muhfuckas are going to only look at pictures and keep things casual.
Starbucks Red Holiday Cups 2015 Real Talk

Why You Mad About These Starbucks Cups Though?

A corporate cup not reflecting your personal beliefs is pretty standard.
Kodak Black Interview Music

Drake’s Kodak Black Cosign: Blessing or Curse?

We weigh the pros and cons of Drake's influence on the young Florida rapper.
Macklemore Ryan Lewis Downtown Real Talk

Macklemore and Ryan Lewis: Trickin’ and Treatin’

The duo's talent and creativity are undeniable, but equally undeniable is the fact that the success they enjoy is due in large par...
Real Talk

Drip or Drown: Understanding Drake’s Latest Beef and Alleged Appropriation

The Canadian emcee and alleged culture vulture may have finally met his match.
Travis-Scott-Trash-Rodeo Music

Making $en$e of Travis Scott’s ‘Rodeo’ Trash

There’s a fine line between inspiration and imitation, and somebody’s lost sight of it.
Damian-Ortega-High-Line-FEAT Graffiti

Damián Ortega’s High Line Graffiti Sculptures Replace Local History

Ortega may not be biting Revs, but he's supplanting his place in history.
Dress Like A Lion Advice

Dress Like a Lion

So you don't have to worry about being unjustifiably killed by someone.

Dear ESPN, Please Film a ’30 for 30′ on Lil B and The BASEDGOD Curse

P.S. Protect Lil B at ALL costs.
King-and-Ewing Real Talk

King & Ewing: Keep Dreaming or a Dream Come True?

Lansky Jones with the Knicks knowledge in preparation for the NBA draft lottery.
Cops at Radio City Music Hall Real Talk

Oh Christmas Tree, I Can’t Breathe: No Holiday Cheer for NYC Protestors

Christmas is cancelled.