Photo by Monica Rubalcava

Pro Era Brings Steez Day Back to the Beast Coast

The third annual Steez Day took over the Playstation Theater in New York City this past weekend. Held in honor of the rapper who sadly took his life at just 19 years old, Joey Bada$$ and Pro Era celebrated their brother Capital Steez with high energy performances and a crowd so loud they made sure Steelo could hear them from the heavens. This year saw the festival’s return to the Beast Coast after last year’s edition in Los Angeles.

Saba opened up the show with songs from his Bucket List Project which dropped last year. Despite being the first act of the night, he had the majority of the crowd singing along with him. Jay IDK came out in a mask of President Nixon and brought the house down. Jazz Cartier lit the stage on fire before being followed by JID whose quick flow and witty personality had the crowd yelling for more.

Next up, Pro Era affiliates 47 got a wild reception and paid tribute to Steez as only they could. Fellow Beast Coast members the Underachievers completely snapped with a performance of nonstop bangers, leaving little time to interact with the crowd. Ab-Soul came and represented TDE to the fullest, shouting out Kendrick Lamar, ScHoolboy Q and SZA as he performed some crowd favorites.

When it was A$AP Mob’s time up, people held their breath for appearances from the crew’s more well-known members, but after A$AP Twelvy and A$AP Ant appeared and dropped so much heat, the crowd wouldn’t want anyone else. Twelvy performed his new single, “Stranded,” as well as his verses from “Crazy Brazy” and “Runner.” Before the set was over, A$AP Rocky came out covered in a blanket and performed a quick verse before announcing that he was “sick as a dog,” but still had to show love to Steez and Pro Era. The Mob also made sure to pay respects to A$AP Yams, who lost his life two years ago.

Finally, Joey Bada$$ hit the stage. The leader of Pro Era performed some songs from his latest album, ALL AMERIKKKAN BADA$$, before introducing fellow crew members Nyck Caution and Kirk Knight. The two did several bangers from their past catalog as well as their upcoming collaboration Nyck @ Knight, giving Bada$$ a bit of a breather before he returned. When CJ Fly came out, the entire stage was filled with Pro Era representatives. At this point, Bada$$ was told that they had gone over the allotted time, but he told the audience, “Fuck it, if we over time, then we gonna go over time even more.” He then launched “Survival Tactics,” the song that was the “inception” of Pro Era. With four or five moshpits rocking, Bada$$ launched into his fitting final song, “Devastated.” Finally, Bada$$ announced that the highly awaited Capital Steez album, King Capital, would be released on the anniversary of his death, December 23, 2017.

Last night’s show highlighted why Steez Day remains one of the most important annual events in rap today. Much like Yams Day, Steez Day honors the fallen with a celebration rather than mourning. Peep more photos by Monica Rubalcava below.


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