PREMIERE: Watch Eric Biddines Pour Out His Heart In The Music Video For “Rushing Forever”

Eric Biddines is a singer from Palm Beach, Florida whose sound is rooted in funk and Southern hip hop. He dropped his fifth studio album, The Local Cafe, a couple of weeks ago and has been making waves with his distinctive melodies, his storytelling, and his grown-ass values. The married father of two went sober the day he heard OutKast’s ATLiens; his latest album title is a reference to the fact that his beverage of choice is coffee (and sometimes a lil’ bit of red wine). Today Mass Appeal premieres the music video for his love song “Rushing Forever,” which recently landed a spot on Spotify’s Most Necessary playlist. Check the visuals and then get to know Biddines in the interview below.

How has your upbringing and the city of Atlanta influenced your music?

My childhood was very country because I grew up in Central Florida, which is very rural. I got the country sensibility from there. Atlanta was the biggest city in the South, so a majority of Southern acts take from Atlanta and their acknowledgement of the racism that we all grew up with in the South. I made sure that I incorporated that social element in every project that I did. You aren’t going to find a Southern artist that came out post-2000 who doesn’t speak on the troubles that we’ve faced. We’re all inspired by “The South got something to say,” and it’s the inspiration for the first track off Local Cafe.

What was it about hearing ATLiens that made you go sober?

Around that time a lot of gangster music was going on. When I heard Andre say that, it was inspiring me because he was so brave to and willing to take a risk. Especially where I was growing up, smoking, drinking, and being bad was cool. If I don’t want to drink, I don’t want to engage. I never really got into it. If anything, the last six months, I’ve gotten into really nice red wine to try and learn more about the specialty.

Do you still have cravings for other lifestyles? How do you combat that, if so?

I never really had a craving for another lifestyle. For me, coffee and music have been a pretty good substitute. I’m so occupied with producing music and raising my kids that I never really realized there were alternatives. I’m heavily distracted by my art.

You sound like one of the more responsible rappers on paper, drinking coffee over lean and going to the studio after dropping off your kids at school. How old were you when you first turned into a responsible rap dad?

I had my first kid when I was 24. I’ve been responsible from day one. My wife and I were engaged a year before he came; we married a month after he was born.

How much coffee do you drink a day?

I probably have about 3 8oz cups a day. 24-36 oz a day.

Since changing up your lifestyle, have you noticed a change in the quality and type of music that you’re making?

I think so. It makes me make sure that I’m saying something worth it. I almost never write a line that I wouldn’t be okay with my kids hearing. Even if it’s something wild or crazy, where I might think it’s a little bit too much, I’m okay with being able to explain it to my kids later. As soon as I had my first kid, I stopped using the word “bitch” in my songs. I remember that I didn’t want my sons to call a woman a bitch in their day-to-day life.

What are the do’s and don’ts of being a rap dad?

Have a very healthy and positive relationship with the child’s mother. It allows you to travel and organize things and make sure that the basics are taken care of. Your parenting partner is going to need to hold you down. Don’t: Don’t let your kids follow you on social media, especially Snapchat. Because Snapchat is where everyone goes to wild out a little bit. Especially where we’re in the age where everything is documented. Your kids years from now might be able to go back and search things that are embarrassing to you. We’re no longer in the age of being young, wild, and doing things in the moment. They’re going see a lot of this stuff.

How old are your kids? Do they have an understanding of what you do and why you do it?

I have two kids, 8 and 6.My 8 year old wants to be a rapper so bad. They know I make music, they know the process, and that I travel. They even know what level I’m at, that I’m still pursuing my dreams. I make sure that pursuing their dreams is important, so they admire that. If I’m gone for five days, I might get a couple of Facetimes in, but otherwise I send a lot of videos and photos, because if I’m in a different time zone or busy. They can see it when they’re awake. My 8-year-old has an iPod so I send them to him directly. I probably get one call in a day.

What are some ways that you’d like to prepare your kids for life in America under President Trump?

More than anything, letting them know that they’re the future. Because I’ve been advocating that the younger generation are so much smarter and open minded than the previous generation. The kids are the future and I let them know how powerful their words are. It’s going to be up to them to make this world a better place. I believe that and they believe it too.

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