PREMIERE: The Perceptionists “Dirty Drumz”

You thought The Perceptionists were done? Ha! If destiny had its way, they might have been. Both emcees have had near-death experiences since we last heard from them. Mr. Lif survived an accident that saw his tour bus careen off a cliff, while Akrobatik made it through open heart surgery. As you can imagine, such events change one’s perspective on life, as well as what Lif and Ak The Burly Dread say on that mic. These two Boston emcees have been spitting honest and thought-provoking lyrics since each came on the scene but this album, Resolution, has another layer we haven’t heard before.

Twelve years is definitely a hiatus that would end most collaborative efforts but as anybody can plainly hear from their return single Hose Down, The Preceps, have brought back not only their infectious energy but also their biting commentary. The comparison of Civil Rights era horrors and today’s world is a reality check many aren’t ready for.

Well, today we have the second single, Dirty Drumz, off their upcoming album. This one is an exercise in aggressive lyricism. Both rappers bring the kind of verbal fire power that shut cyphers down. And as you might expect, they do it over some dirty ass drums…and a couple sparse key stabs. This is a good track to listen to as soon as someone pisses you off this Monday morning.

The Perceptionists new album Resolution will be released by Mello Music Group on July 28th but you can pre-order it on iTunes now.

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