Lousy Human Bastards

PREMIERE: Lousy Human Bastards! ‘Amazing Stories Pt. 1’ EP

Back in 2011, a Georgia kid by the name of Snubnose Frankenstein made waves with his mixtape Rappin’ Ass Nigga. Praised by those who took notice, it eventually became well respected on various Internet message boards, music blogs, and Tumblr, as folks praised the multi-syllable rhymes of Snubnose and occasional partner MitchGoneMad. With clever lyrics and catchy flows, Snubnose essentially challenged peers who released their music for free through the Internet, much like Odd Future and A$AP Mob, but never really got his claim to fame.

Since 2011, Frankenstein has churned out beats for Vince Staples’ Shyne Coldchain Vol. 1, in addition to production credits and features for FatKidsBrotha and Key!, and becoming a driving influence for rapper Robb Bank$. Most recently, the man has been quietly working in the background on a new project that’ll grant the come-up of his rap crew. Today, it’s our pleasure to premiere what Snubnose has been secretly cooking up: an EP titled Amazing Stories Pt. 1, featuring himself, MitchGoneMad, Jabbar, and Seawright as Lousy Human Bastards!

We had a chance to speak with MitchGoneMad and Snubnose Frankenstein about Amazing Stories Pt. 1. Read the quick interview and stream the entire EP, with a feature from UGLYFRANK of ILLFIGHTYOU, down below.

Lousy Human Bastards Amazing Stories Pt 1

Mass Appeal: How’d you guys meet?

MitchGoneMad: Me and Snub were already making music together; we met in high school. We found Jabbar on Facebook [Laughs]. Seawright went to school with us too, and it just sorta happened.

Snubnose Frankenstein: We all live pretty much on the outskirts of Atlanta. There’s not much to do but hang out and make music. You could say that’s how we got our start.

What took so long to drop some kind of follow-up to Rappin Ass Nigga?

SF: I kind of see it like those scenes in like Kung fu movies where the young student or whatever just gets his ass kicked because he wasn’t ready, so he has to go through all that training to really become a master at kicking ass. I was super young when I first released [Rappin Ass Nigga]. Like 17. I didn’t know what I was doing and I didn’t really feel comfortable. I think now that I’m already and have really focused on my craft, I’m more than ready. It’s kind of like going to play college ball—I just wasn’t quite ready for the league yet. I had to gain the experience.

Why reveal Lousy Human Bastards! now?

SF: To be completely honest, we just were really having fun and feeling proud of the stuff we have been making as of late amongst each other. We pieced this EP together as an appetizer, so to speak. I guess it’s a knock on the door that we eventually intend to breakdown. It’s just time for it, bruh. All of the music is fairly new, created maybe two weeks ago, tops. We’re just throwing it out there with no idea how people will receive it.

MGN: I feel confident as fuck about this project. I think it’s good and will serve a purpose as a good-ass introduction as to what’s to come from us, ya know?

What’s next for the crew?

SF: Videos next weekend and more music next week. Maybe A3C and CMJ.

Any parting words?

SF: Free Jabbar! And thank you to UGLYFRANK for lending a hand on the project, shout out to the whole ILLFIGHTYOU.

MGM: I’m MitchGoneMad and I ain’t never happy, but this project caused me to almost smile. So yeah, what does that tell you? We just out here making what sounds fire to us you, feel me? And hopefully people understand our vision. If they don’t, oh well, nothing can stop us now, [Laughs].

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