PREMIERE: James Lanning’s Mind is Stressed on ‘Another Day Wasted’

Remember this guy:

The Maryland daredevil who now lives in Brooklyn took to urban exploration to counterbalance the battle he faced with depression and suicidal thoughts. Now, without a death defying video to distract you, James Lanning brings you into one corner of his mind where personal friendships have become more of a strain than a relief. Another Day Wasted is a backstage pass to see the roots of his stress.

The production on Another Day Wasted is mostly handled by Kace, save for “Until 27” which is produced by Glocque. This isn’t a chipper project that you play in the morning to start your day. The viscous, underworld sound is complemented by James’ nonchalant tone and flows that are reminiscent of a mentally troubled Eminem. The combination is sure to connect with a generation of troubled youth who might be in the same position as James.

James Lanning had this to about the project:

Another Day Wasted was inspired by moments and people that evoked intense emotional responses; moments that have had a profound impact on my life that I had not yet coped with. People and experiences are everything to me. I can’t do anything unless I’m emotionally invested in it. The introduction to the album, a series of voicemails, highlights anxieties in my life; including being arrested a second time and visiting one of my closest friends in a psychiatric ward. The songs on this project literally force me to assess my individual character and to confront my insecurities, flaws, and failures as a human being whilst looking closely at my struggle with depression. The title refers to my inability to free myself from negativity and transcend a self-sabotaging mentality.”

He had this to say about the song “Regina”:

“Regina is my Patti Smith. She inspires me unlike any friend I’ve ever had and is one of the strongest people I’ve ever met. Regina, who is also in recovery, was admitted to the psychiatric ward at Woodhull Medical Center. The song is about seeing her in that state—how angry, heartbroken, and frustrated I was for her—and the impact it had on me as someone who struggles with my own mental health issues. I couldn’t understand, and still can’t understand, the way patients are treated in these facilities. I’m hoping to use whatever platform I garner to alter the discourse about mental health and the way we treat people with these issues. To get back to the music—though the song and these thoughts are indivisible—’Regina’ is about being honest with myself about who I am as a person, confronting my own hypocrisy, dissecting why I continuously make decisions that hurt myself as well as the people close to me, and trying to understand this persistent predisposition towards self-loathing.”

You can purchase Another Day Wasted on iTunes. It comes courtesy of Onamazu.

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