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PREMIERE: Flipp Dinero “Say No More”

The first thing everyone notices about Brooklyn rapper Flipp Dinero is his voice. This deep, gravely tone that fills up so much space. With the help of longtime friend and engineer Los, that trademark sound is amplified and stretched to hit new notes. All across his forthcoming EP, The Guala Way, due June 23, it’s Flipp’s voice that stands out the clearest, even if it is murky in character.

The 21-year-old, Canarsie-raised artist built his debut project from a large body of work he’d already made. “Once I get in the booth I get to work, I get serious, there’s no time to play. There’s more to it than catching a vibe,” he tells MASS APPEAL. He records with Los out of a home studio, going where the music takes them. “We didn’t even know we were gonna make rap at first,” he laughs. “You never know what your gonna get til you’re done.”

But he’s more calculated about his lyrics. Although he sometimes creates from scratch on the spot—like with the hype “Running Up Bands“—he usually comes prepared with words ready to go. “I write my brother, I’m a writer,” he stresses. “Sometimes I might go off the top, but the majority of times I go in there with my notes.”

Today he premieres the third single off Guala, “Say No More.” With a hook that goes, “If you don’t wanna fuck with me, then say no more,” it’s pretty easy to assume it’s dedicated to a particular girl, but that’s not the case. “It’s like when you got so much emotions bottled up from different situations, so you just put everything into one,” he says. The result is an optimistic tune, full of nimble mid-range melodies and rattling subs, which Flipp darts around with a varied flow alongside skittering snares. Bump it below and get ready for the EP.

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