Abortion Stories Women Tell Documentary Pro Choice Rally Film

HBO Doc ‘Abortion: Stories Women Tell’ Breaks the Silence of Shame

"We don't hear from women enough"
Phil America's border art flag installation Art

Phil America Flies Immigrant Flags on the Border Wall

"The essence of the American Dream"
ice-agent Features

Rumors of Immigrant Checkpoints Spreading Fear in Brooklyn

Scammers posing as ICE agents hustle immigrants for cash.
hardees_10_cents_ Politics

Trump’s Labor Secretary Nominee Made Workers Pay 10 Cents An Hour For “Privilege...

That's evil.
truu News

Muppet Trump’s the Thing Nightmares Are Made Of

Kill it with fire!
quebec_police_mass_appeal News

Canada Asks Fox News To Delete False Tweet After Mosque Attack

Media outlet wrongly reports on shooter's nationality
14138642_10154377636852778_6135612362040541883_o News

Philly Cop With Naziesque Tattoo Allowed To Remain On Job

Police officers shouldn't wear their hearts on their sleeves
Resist_Muslim_Ban_Mass_Appeal News

Branding the Muslim Ban: How Some of America’s Largest Companies Are Handling Tr...

U.S. blue-chips calculate ROI (Return On Islam) in lieu of widely condemned presidential directive
kk News

FBI: White Supremacists Have Infiltrated Law Enforcement

No wonder the police hate #BlackLivesMatter
Indiana_State_Capitol_MA Politics

Mike Pence’s Home State Working On Legislation To Remove Protesters By “Any Mean...

Crazy-ass state senator from Indiana proposes measure that would murder the 1st Amendment
Stoner_trolls_plainclothes_cop News

Watch: Philadelphia Weed Activist Comes Up With Ingenious Way To Troll Plainclot...

Dude really didn't want to blow his cover.
Protestors Rally At JFK Airport Against Muslim Immigration Ban News

Children Separated From Families, Innocents Detained Due To Trump’s Muslim Ban

Feeling safer yet?
statue_of_liberty_mass_appeal Politics

Trump Closes America To Seven Muslim-Majority Countries

Visitors from Syria, Iran, Iraq, Libya, Somalia, Sudan, and Yemen are no longer welcome.
minnesota_law_prostest_violates Politics

Watch a Hero Shut Down Lawmakers Who Just Made it Legal to Sue Protestors

The bill will allow police to sue protesters for overtime pay
trump_womens_march_us_not_a_democracy Politics

The U.S. Has Officially Lost Its Status as a Full Democracy

It was fun while it lasted
Resist_Greenpeace News

Greenpeace Activists Hang Giant “Resist” Banner Atop Crane Near White House

Urban exploring put to good use.