Pharrell Marilyn Monroe Video Premiere 2014 GIRL Album

Pharrell “Marilyn Monroe”

Aw man, “P” is back at it with another joint so cozy and cool it should be called Craftmatic. Last night, Pharrell teased an image via his Instagram hinting at the premiere of a video for the “Marilyn Monroe” cut and of course we all laid in waiting.

Pharrell Marilyn Monroe Teaser Image Instagram 2014

This morning Williams, like he usually does, delivers something that you can’t help but bop to. And come on, a video chock full of ladies of all hues, colors, and creeds gyrating, stretching, undulating, writhing … son, Pharrell knows how to get that blood pumping on a drab hump-day morning. Like a groove on the beat, Pharrell and the GIRLs that accompany him sway to and fro effortlessly. Some real rhythmic shit fam, but if you scooped up his latest drop G I R L then you already knew that.

Check out the video above for them top of the rung jawn jawns and a nice groovy beat to carry you through the day. Plus, Kelly Osbourne is up in this joint looking healthy as hell! This might be NSFW depending on what kind of clip-on tie, suspender clad, panties in a bunch boss you have, but who knows this might loosen them up a bit.

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