NYPD receives Twitter Backlash

#myNYPD Twitter Campaign Turns Into #EpicFail

When it comes to social media, the NYPD needs to just take a chill pill. We hit y’all with the news that the boys in blue announced the return of their “Twitter snitch” and  it looks like they may have been looking for a way to smooth things over with the “Twitterverse.”

Yesterday, the NYPD’s Twitter account put out a call for folks to submit photos of themselves with local law enforcement tagged #myNYPD to show a more community friendly side of the NYPD, since it’s safe to assume that NYPD isn’t usually synonymous with anything pleasant.

Well, let’s just say they got what they asked for. There were a few pleasant images sprinkled in, riddled with smiles and pristine golden badges arm-in-arm with civilians on some kumbaya shit, but then there was that really real, that raw, that unrelenting truth and it came in waves.

Below you’ll find a nice selection of #myNYPD submissions that I’m sure will keep flooding the web for who knows how long. Shit, it’s front page news today. Was this NYPD campaign stronger than 2 Chainz’s?

myNYPD Homeless Man Seizure
myNYPD Selection Superman
myNYPD Selection 4
myNYPD Selection
myNYPD Selection Occupy Raid
myNYPD Selection

[h/t GAWKER]

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