Nintendo Switch Hits Porn Sites, Hard

Nintendo’s announcement that it would be releasing a new gaming system, the Nintendo Switch, sent shock waves through the gaming community last October. By all accounts the multi-functional gaming system is a huge upgrade from the poorly received WiiU handheld console released in 2011. Early sales numbers already indicate that this could be Nintendo’s biggest gaming system to date.

And boy, were the gamers excited. So excited, in fact, that they weren’t that interested in watching porn over the weekend. A break is nice sometimes!

This news comes to us directly from YouPorn.

The popular porn site uses anonymized interest data provided by their analytics software to track site users based on their various interests. According to YouPorn, “This allows us to offer up more insights on how and why our site is affected.”

The data YouPorn shared with us offers some striking numbers and trends from the Switch’s first big weekend. Here’s what it told us:

  • Prior to the release of the Switch, there were small traffic fluctuations from one day to the next. This is typical, as holidays (no matter how big or small), TV series finales, or movie premieres can affect traffic to the site. What’s interesting is that there was a very significant dip in traffic among self-identified gamers over the weekend the Switch launched. Beginning on Friday March 3, traffic dropped 15%. On Saturday it was down 17%, and 13% on Sunday. These were the lowest numbers of the past 30 days.
  • Usage by generally identified “gamers” dropped by 17%, while “hardcore gamers” and “social gamers” usage dropped 10% each.

The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild is the big game release accompanying the system—so how’d that play out?

  • The terms “Link” and “Zelda” had the highest increase in searches on YouPorn over the weekend. “Link” was up 164%, while searches for “Zelda” were up 102%.
  • “Nintendo” searches went up by 37%, and searches for some of Nintendo’s key characters, like “Mario,” “Bowser” and “Princess Peach” increased by 24%, 23% and 16% respectively.

A drop in traffic? That’s understandable. An increase in “Zelda” searches? We’re not really sure what to make of that one. Is Zelda-themed porn really a thing? Looks like we might have to look into that. Strictly for further research, of course!

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