jaden-smith-lr Reviews

Jaden Smith Gets Serious About Rap On ‘SYRE’

Will Smith’s son drops New Age mumbo jumbo for real talk
xavier wulf Music

Xavier Wulf’s “Check It Out” Is Hard And As Memphis As It Gets

Tear da club up
CoteKid Reviews

Check Out SpaceJam Bo’s Exciting New Mixtape ‘Cote Kid’

Montgomery's finest
The Diplomats return with a new record featuring Cam'Ron and Jim Jones, "Once Upon a Time." Music

Diplomats Season Returns with Surprise New Burner, “Once Upon a Time”

“Heatmakerz...crack muzik…”
chief-keef Music

Chief Keef Brings Joy to a Monday Night in New York

Forget celebrity, this was more of a religious experience
WestSide Doom Music

Westside Doom, the Westside Gunn and MF Doom Collab, is Here

Underground's finest
tyler-the-creator, scum fuck flower boy Music

Tyler, The Creator’s ‘Flower Boy’ is Here and It’s Excellent

T is four for four
Whitney Light Upon the Lake Music

Whitney Warms Up the Summer With ‘Light Upon the Lake’

A dedication to the ups and downs of love
Pup the band Music

Pup’s Dream Is Alive and Still Screaming

The Toronto punk quartet's sophomore album gives the middle finger to fate
The Fits Film Toni Swirl Film

‘The Fits’ Captures the Fight to Grow Up

Anna Rose Holmer’s directorial debut is a coming-of-age tale for the rest of us
Beyonce Lemonade Review Music

#LEMONADE and Beyoncé’s Revolutionary Glory

All mansplaining can exit stage left
Black Panther Ta-Nehisi Coates Books

Marvel’s Black Panther #1 Will Dig Its Claws Into You

Ta-Nehisi Coates’ comics debut does not fail to impress
drake Music

Re:Views From the 6

The highly anticipated album is finally here, and we have the hot takes
The Hateful Eight Spoiler Free Review Film

Quentin Tarantino’s Cabin Fever: ‘The Hateful Eight’

A spoiler-free review of Tarantino's appropriately titled eighth feature film.
Young Thug Barter 6 Album Artwork Reviews

Young Thug’s ‘Barter 6’ Succeeds and Falters

The album both succeeds and falters in allowing the rap newcomer the time and space to comfortably dive into and start discovering...
Taylor Swift 1989 Album Art Reviews

TheYearofElan Knows Nothing About Taylor Swift

If you know Taylor Swift, please send this to her. Thanks.