remember-the-titans-still Knowledge

Knowledge Darts Vol. 21: You Want It To Be One Way… But It’s The OTHER Way

If the sneaker fits, wear it
fat-joe Knowledge

Knowledge Darts Vol. 20: Well Actually…

How an extinction level event pretty much killed “boom bap rap”
Rikers Debate Project Rikers Island Knowledge

Rikers Debate Project Teaches Those In Jail To Advocate For Themselves

And smashes stereotypes in the process
jay-z-danny-clinch Knowledge

Knowledge Darts Vol. 19: For The Culture

If every record label, media network and fashion brand on Earth ceased to exist, Hip Hop culture would continue to thrive

PBS Doc Dives Deep Into The Challenges of ‘Life on Parole’

What happens after prison?
knowledge-darts-arthur Knowledge

Knowledge Darts Vol 18: Why So Serious?

God forbid you take your chosen profession seriously. People might think you actually care.
ear-hustle-podcast-san-quentin Knowledge

‘Ear Hustle’: A New Podcast From Inside San Quentin Prison

“You can lock up the body, but you can’t lock up the mind."
computer-brain Knowledge

Knowledge Darts Vol. 17: Content Of My Character

You can’t pay rent or utilities with respect
blood-doorstep-dontre Film

‘The Blood Is At the Doorstep’: Demanding Justice for Dontre Hamilton

One family’s journey for justice following a fatal shooting by Milwaukee police
black-lives-matter-melissa-renwick Knowledge

Time For Some Action: Six Things You Should Do Now to Challenge this Moment

BLM co-founder suggests some action items
hip-hop-bday-flyer Knowledge

Knowledge Darts Vol. 14: The Cake Is A Lie

There's no substitute for Knowledge
nas-queensbridge-danny-clinch Knowledge

Action Speaks Louder Than Words

No time for lippin' in the so-called "Trump era"
ZAEH_DREAM_SHOT04-48gold Knowledge

Knowledge Darts Vol. 13: Facts, B!

You must be Dreamin'
uptown vinyl supreme, hip hop summer school, outreach, pull down grate, graffiti Knowledge

Teaching Self-Empowerment and Organizing Through Hip Hop in The Bronx

Leveraging the local roots of a global powerhouse to uplift the kids

Knowledge Darts Vol. 12: Dear Mama

If you still have your parents and grandparents around, cherish the shit out of it.

Black Lives Matter Activists Bail Out Mamas for Mother’s Day

Giving the gift of freedom