jedi5 black marker handstyle on paper Graffiti

Off Script: Jedi5

Finding just the right walls, particularly in the tunnels.
banksy, saving banksy, street art Art

What’s a Banksy Really Worth?

The 'Saving Banksy' documentary comes to Netflix
john_boyega_oldvic_play Art

John Boyega Immortalized As Street Art For Classic German Play Promo

The actor takes center stage
Graffiti_swasktikas_made_cute Graffiti

These Graffiti Writers Are Going To War Against Swastikas In Berlin

Tag Nazi Scum
RIP_Don1_Mass_Appeal Features

RIP Graffiti Legend DON1, the King from Queens 

Rest In Paint
Skufer tag Features

Off Script: SKUF

Documenting the best graffiti handstyles from NYC and around the world
hillary_clinton_lush_instagram_beef Features

Graffiti Artist Says Instagram Deleted His Account Over Bikini-Clad Hillary Clinton

The politics of street art are awfully murky in Melbourne
tags_and_throwies_easy Features

Graffiti Feed TagsAndThrows Goes from Free-for-All to Solo Mission

Street bombing in black and white
berlin_kidz_picnic Graffiti

Watch These Maniacs Have A Picnic Atop a Speeding Train In Germany

Don't try this at home or anywhere else
MA_revs_1990s Features

Graffiti Time Capsule: 1990s New York City

Writers reminisce on a grittier time in the city's history
GIZ_Lisa_bushwick_collective Features

Cartoon Mural of a Sexy Lisa Simpson Faces Accusations of Indecency in Bushwick

A graffiti-inspired depiction of a fictional humanoid has some people very upset
sane_182_abc_no_rio Features

Back When ABC No Rio Hosted An Exhibit For “So-Called Graffiti Vandal” SANE

Here's what having a graffiti exhibit at NYC's most punk gallery was like in 1989
daks_mass_appeal_2016 Features

ATL Artist Dax Takes Us on a Tour of “Space Mountain,” Shows Off Some Nostalgic ...

ATL's graffiti champion DAKS reminisces about the early beginnings of Mass Appeal.
Categorey_roof Features

Walking Into Walls: Graffiti Artist GOREY Bends Space and Time

Photos: Ray Mock Whether he travels the city or scrolls through social media feeds, Brooklyn-based artist GOREY is constantly coll...
zno-isabel Graffiti

Rest In Paint, ZNO: Graffiti Loses Another Young Soul

Yet another writer gone
NEKST-Bowery-TodSeelie-5_Mass_Appeal_lede Art

All the Graffiti On 190 Bowery Getting Buffed, Except for NEKST (RIP)

Only one graffiti writer's name is not getting scrubbed off this historic building