Fight Club: Nautica Thorn

It isn’t easy to envision Nautica Thorn slugging it out in the middle of a brawl. Okay, maybe wrestling in a pit filled with KY jelly, but administering a beat-down seems a bit of a stretch. Most thoughts pertaining to the petite bombshell involve ungodly acts taking place in a bedroom, pool or backseat of a car. The 22-year-old exotic vixen is a gorgeous blend of Hawaiian, Puerto Rican and Japanese heritage, and is the person she is today as the result of being exposed to so many different cultures, first growing up in Oahu and now in Los Angeles. Finally expanding into her own enterprise, 2006 has been a good year for Thorn, who has shot the first movie (Nautica Thorn’s All-Access) under her own production company (Nautica Thorn Productions), as well as launching her official website: With over 200 adult movie appearances and only one fight to her credit, it is obvious that Thorn would rather make love than war. But a few years back at a club in Waikiki while doing her thing and shaking her tailfeather, that’s exactly what happened.

In Hawaii, we have our confrontations because we are temperamental people. But in Hawaii we don’t want to use a gun, we just like to fight with our hands. In Los Angeles, it is much crazier with shootings. I don’t think I could ever kill anybody because I’m too lazy to hide the body and too afraid to use a gun.

I’ve only been in one real fight and it was years back at a club in Waikiki. At the time, I was with three Hawaiian girls getting all fucked up. Later, we went out on the dance floor and I accidentally bumped a girl. She asked me, ‘What the fuck are you doing?!’ And I was like, ‘What do you mean?! I fucking bumped you.’ I mean, I was drunk, it wasn’t intentional, but she wasn’t too pleased. She was a little taller than me, but not as big as my friends. Those girls are all twice my size, like 140, 150 pounds and around 5-foot-6.

My friends wanted to protect me, so they showed the bitch to the floor and let me kick her. They had already taken care of her and she was curled up, so I think I just kicked her once in the stomach with heels to make a point. There weren’t very much people in the club, and nobody really did anything, they just stood around watching. Then we got a drink and went to another place.


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