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Sheltered White People Can Now Meet Black People at a Georgia Networking Event

White people love to brag that they’ve got black friends, but that isn’t really true — if a 2013 study by the Public Religion Research Institute is to be believed.

According to the study, 75 percent of white people in the United States have zero black friends.

Compounding things, not only do white people have no black friends, they don’t have anything but white friends, period. The study found that a whopping 91 percent of white people are only friends with other whites.

That’s why this Thursday (Nov. 16), in Lawrenceville, G.A., white people will be given the opportunity to meet actual black people at the “Come Meet a Black Person” Networking Event. Just in case they’ve never met a real, live, actual black person in the flesh before — which, according to this study, may be true.

The event’s Facebook invite thus far has only three confirmed attendees, though 25 have expressed interest. That’s 25 white people in a country where, according to the U.S. Census, there more than 245 million Caucasians.

Cheryle Moses, the event’s organizer, says the networking event was directly inspired by the study.

“In the black community we know of white people who don’t have a lot of black friends,” Moses tells CNN. “But still, seeing a statistic about it just opened our eyes.”

To hear Moses tell it, people make snap judgments about others when they do not have personal relationships that prove otherwise.

“It’s a great opportunity to start relationships,” she says. “And if you have a relationship with somebody, you are inclined to treat them like yourself. If you don’t have that relationship, then you’ll only treat them based upon what you may have seen or read somewhere.”

But while the study suggested that whites are in a bubble, it surprisingly said the same about black folks. A staggering 65 percent of black people say they don’t have any white friends, and that their friend circle is 83 percent black.

Perhaps at the “Come Meet A Black Person” networking event — which includes introductions, a Get-Acquainted Scavenger Hunt, Cheryle’s Chili Bar, munchies, drinks and giveaways — whites and blacks will finally find good reason to come together.

That is, of course, if anyone shows up.

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