Aspiring Congressman Ethered for Attending Pro-Darren Wilson Rally

“People are too quick to play the race card… lawlessness knows no color,” stated Martin Baker. In most circumstances, this would prompt levelheaded debate. However, Baker happened to be standing at a pro-Darren Wilson rally.

The consultant and former Republican congressional primary candidate was seemingly the only black person at the event, which took place Sunday in Ferguson, MO. He showed his support for the officer responsible for the death of Michael Brown by purchasing a t-shirt decorated with a police badge emblem, which stated, “Officer Darren Wilson — I stand by you.”

The story initially broke on Twitter after The Guardian’s Jon Swaine tweeted about Baker attending the rally:

Needless to say, Twitter went wild.

Baker explained that those who have been protesting in Ferguson “want to see more crime, they want to see things get disrespectful. And there are some of us who refuse to allow it to happen.” Baker later explained that his reasoning for supporting Darren Wilson lay in “supporting due process of law and a fair and unbiased and honest investigation.”

Quite ironic.

It’s understandable that Baker is supportive of due process. However, it’s difficult to believe that Darren Wilson gave Michael Brown the due process he deserved before shooting him at least six times.

After receiving a barrage of vitriol in his mentions, Baker changed his username from “Baker4Congress” to “Baker4Healing” and posted this:

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