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No Polar Bears Were Harmed In The Making of Lil Uzi’s $1200 Backpack

It is officially the end of August, which means it’s time for all the youngins to go back to school. And yeah, The North Face pack is a tried and true backpack option, perfect for holding all your books and whatnot. However, you know there is always going to be that one kid who’s gotta try to sauce it up and come through with the MCM or Supreme bag. (Thinking he walking in SoHo and not the halls of public school.)

Now there is a way to one-up that kid. And Lil Uzi Vert is there for all you kids who are down to drop  $1195 on a designer polar bear backpack.

As seen on the cover of Luv Is Rage 2the endangered animal chilling on Uzi’s back is not Photo-Shopped but an actual backpack made by Dolce & Gabbana.


Understandly proud of the piece, Uzi’s been seen rocking it onstage as well as the Gram.

Here are a few close-ups of Lil Uzi’s fuzzy best friend.

As one can see, this is a pretty damn useless backpack for such an exorbitant price tag. However, the flex levels on this are sky-fucking high. Yeah this fake fur backpack has only one pocket, but this bear’s paws got a “D” embroidered on the left and a “G” embroidered on the right. God damn son, you already know what going on! Those letters shouldn’t stand for Dolce & Gabbana but for “Dank Goods.”

Yeah, only the haters will tell you that you really look like a kid who escaped from his helicopter parent’s child safety harness. And your parents might be equally disappointed that you dropped $1200 to wear a stuffed animal. Maybe Lil Uzi Vert is starting a new trend here because rocking stuffed animals is nothing new. Who else remembers when people thought Jeremy Scott “Teddy Bear” adidas were flee?


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