PREMIERE: KXNG Crooked “The MAGA Continues” + Horseshoe Gang “Shoes Fall Off”

A few months ago Queen Latifah was on Hot97 and called out the hip hop stars of today for not speaking on social issues nor taking a political stance. Well, the rappers who have long been vocal about their stance on any given topic, continue to rage against machine. Sure, it took Em a while to say something about Trump, but when he did, he literally drew his line in the sand. And salute to newer school LA rapper YG for calling out Chester Cheeto when it wasn’t popular.

KXNG Crooked has consistently been critical of the system, be it police brutality or The Donald. Today we bring you his new politically-charged single “The MAGA Continues.” The cut is off his forthcoming sequel to last year’s Good vs. Evil album, Good vs. Evil II: The Red Empire. Over a simple key progression and hard-as-hell drums Crooked airs out blood-thirsty cops, snitches, pill poppers, and racist fans. As KXNG himself puts it:

“Donald Trump coined the now famous acronym MAGA. I personally believe the phrase ‘Make America Great Again’ is a dog whistle for racism and turning the clocks of progression backwards. The way the country is currently divided it seems to be working. I’m really just letting off steam on the joint, but some important points are definitely being touched on.

One point I covered in the song is being widely overlooked; maybe because it’s a fairly new form of division in Hip Hop. I’ve done many shows with white rappers and seen some of their fans in the crowd wearing confederate flag and swastika symbols on their clothing. Shit blew my mind. Nobody talks about this element in hip hop that is growing and will cause division on another level. I chose to speak on it because hip hop is a tool for unification and we need to keep it that way. How long will we allow the MAGA to continue?”

This track is for those that have had enough. Play it loud.

Next up, we’re premiering another track from KXNG Crooked’s COB label, “Shoes Fall Off.” This cut is by Horseshoe Gang, a group made up of Crooked’s four brothers. Much like their older sibling, these Long Beach MCs are all about lyrics and flows. Their upcoming mixtape is titled Dope Lyrics Matter and this leak affirms the statement that title makes. These dudes also dropped an album called Anti-Trap Music in 2016, so their position on the current young heads vs. old head topic should be apparent. On this song all four bros go HAM, each member of the Gang getting liver than the last. The machine-gun hi-hats would give Twista a run for his money. From political to lyrical, COB has got you covered today!


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