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John Legend’s Right, Paul Ryan and Trump Are the Fucking Worst

House Speaker Paul Ryan took to Twitter over the weekend to tout a new bill that would expand states’ abilities to drug test jobless individuals seeking federal unemployment benefits, and John Legend is pissed.

Legend quoted Ryan’s tweet this morning and added the comment, “This is cruel and a waste of money. I’d say Paul Ryan is the fucking worst. But Trump is president.”

The legislation that Trump is expected to sign will ease Obama-era restrictions, effectively painting the unemployed as guilty of drug use until being proven innocent.

The bill is also a waste of resources. A few years ago, ThinkProgress conducted an examination that found that seven states that allowed for some forms of drug testing for those receiving unemployment benefits had spent a combined $1 million to uncover a total of 407 drug users.

In 2009, Arizona passed legislation that would allow for the drug testing of welfare recipients. From 2009 to 2014 they tested 87,000 people and found only three who tested positive.

This isn’t Legend’s first time going in hard on Trump. He told CNN before last year’s election, “He lies with a kind of cavalier frequency,” then adding, “He’s spread bigotry and hatred and division on a regular basis. He shows no interest or understanding for any sort of policy depth, and I feel like he’s uniquely unqualified to be president.”

Last month Legend was asked by NPR what he would say to those who think he should stick to just talking about music and his personal life on Twitter and not get into politics. He replied, “If you don’t agree with my politics, the best way to love me is to just not follow me on Twitter. Honestly.”

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