PREMIERE: Jah Cure “Telephone Love” Video

It’s been a minute since we’ve seen something new from Jah Cure. The reggae star has been relatively quiet since his Grammy-nominated 2015 album The Cure,  which many predicted would take the trophy. “I was so convinced,” he says today. “Cause ya know, sometimes we just know without a doubt that no other album is stronger than ours.” Despite not bagging the award, Cure is not about to let a little bump like that get in his way “Listen,” he says, “I have so much to give and deliver… I like the taste of the Grammy nomination feel in the mouth,” Cure adds. “So now I’m working hard on this album. I just wanna present with so much quality.”

Any time the “World Singer” drops something you know it’s going to be worth checking out. So when the artist’s own IyaCure Producitons released the single “Telephone Love” last September, the reggae world took notice.

“It’s a topic that’s worldwide,” the singer says. “People are traveling, they’re far, living the artist life. You send your love through the telephone. You know? Businessmen and travellers… a man will work out of his country away from his family for a couple years. Make love on the telephone—and then they come back.”

“This is just the tip of the iceberg,” he says of the song. “I just wanna get this album out now. I wanna produce some different kind of work right now. I have wonderful ideas just bursting up inside of me.”

On his forthcoming project, which the artist says is finished but not yet submitted to V.P. Records, Cure distills a culmination of his experiences, songs filled with soaring melodies and vocals that can make you feel slightly giddy inside. “I wanna use words and metaphors and topics that are timeless,” he says. “I don’t wanna do music just for today. I want it to live on even after I retire or whatever.”

Today MASS APPEAL proudly premieres the music video for “Telephone Love,” the first single from the highly anticipated album, directed by Jus Bus, who formerly directed Cure’s globe-trotting video “Rasta.” The new visuals were shot in Antigua, a former British colony like Jamaica, which still has a few classic British red phone booths scattered about—you can hardly even see those in London anymore! “Yeah man, the old time phone box was just on the beach we were going to use,” Cure says. Answer the call up top. It’s for you.

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