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Trump Fire Hot Takes

Trump Burning His Own Presidency Down: Asked Comey To Jail Reporters, End Russia...

Thin-skinned POTUS heard freaking out last night, dropping F-bombs at staff
Bow Wow Hot Takes

Bow Wow Stunts On The Gram, But Flies Commercial Just Like You And Me

Busted for being a dick on social media, again.
Hillary Clinton Hot Takes

The Resistance Doesn’t Need Hillary Clinton

Thanks, but no thanks
Hot Takes

What Fyre Festival Was Really Selling

Hint: it wasn't music.
Hot Takes

Release the Jordan Edwards Police Shooting Video, and All Police Shooting Videos

The public should demand it
Sheriff David Clarke Hot Takes

Hey, Sheriff David Clarke, Fuck You!

Some of the most hateful ideology ever heard from a cop's mouth
Dead Lizard Hot Takes

Fuck This Lizard-Ass Snitch

GTFOH, Arizona.
Iggy Azalea Hot Takes

Iggy Azalea Can’t Twerk For Shit

Don't take our word for it—watch this video.
Bill O'Reilly Hot Takes

Hey, Bill O’Reilly: Just Go Ahead and Retire, Bitch!

A two-week "Vacation" just isn't long enough!
UntitledAirlinesLogoRemix Hot Takes

Now’s the Time for Passengers to Fight For Their Rights

Airlines continue to G passengers on a daily basis.