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xxxtentacion Hot Takes

The Case Against XXXTentacion

Enough is enough
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Letter From Mexico City: Stand Up And Defend The Dreamers

Trump now has the children of immigrants in his crosshairs
waka-producers Hot Takes

Waka Flocka Flame Thinks Producers and DJs Should “Stay in Their Lane”

No round of applause for this hot take
eclipse-glasses Hot Takes

Damn New York, That Solar Eclipse Was Wack AF

A let down of a lifetime, fam
south-park-20-years Features

Everything I Need To Know About Charlottesville I Learned on ‘South Park’

Trey Parker and Matt Stone predicted the future for the last 20 years
erykah badu surprises dave chappelle on stretch and bobbito's new podcast Hot Takes

Dave Chappelle Isn’t Transphobic For His Jokes About Trans People

Being equal means catching these jokes too
rap-depression Hot Takes

From Biggie to XXXTentacion: Rap’s Grim Relationship with Depression

Turn up anthem or cry for help?
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Hip Hop’s Misogyny Problem Keeps Getting Worse

At what point do we draw the line?
Trump Youth Hot Takes

Be Afraid: The Trump Youth Have Arrived

And other signs of our looming dictatorship
CNN Hot Takes

Both Unarmed, Both Killed By Police, But Only One Getting Constant Airtime

All murders are tragic, regardless of the victim's race
big-baller-brand Hot Takes

LaMelo Ball Uses “Racial Slur” on Monday Night RAW—Just Like Vince McMahon

"Keep it up, my n****"
jaden-smith-hair Hot Takes

Why It’s Time to Take Jaden Smith Seriously

Or at least stop hating him for being Jaden Smith
lebron-draymond-petty Hot Takes

Petty Chronicles, Volume 1: LeBron James vs. Draymond Green

Championship fingers turn to Instagram fingers
trump-hot-take Hot Takes

Trump’s Response To Terrorism Offers Further Proof That He’s A Fool

President Twitter Fingers AKA Donald Trump
World burning Hot Takes

Trump’s World Is Burning, So He Wants The Rest of Us to Burn Too

Pulling out of the The Paris Climate Agreement is another really bad idea
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This Is Good Art

Kathy Griffin and Tyler Shields are sellouts for deleting it